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I can’t cook.

Seriously, for a relatively smart girl, I cannot melt chocolate. I remember doing so in the past, most recently last February when I was in Kenmare on an outdoor activity trip for Gaisce. And it was successful. But now I try doing it for the topping for the caramel squares and it seized and went grainy. Looks shit now. It’s because I didn’t stir it or I had it on too high a heat as I have learned from Youtube videos I just watched. I really should have watched them beforehand because then I would have known to add a spoon or two of vegetable oil to fix it. So now they look like a five-year-old made them. Everyone’s just going to have to be blindfolded as they eat them now.


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I’ve decided to make myself some caramel squares, seeing as I’ve nothing better to do due to the oh-so-lovely Irish weather. Just waiting for my mother to leave the kitchen….

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The washing-hands-of..

A friend of mine recently told me how her parents had washed their hands of her. Didn’t sound too appealing to be honest…I mean my life has to be financed in some way. Yesterday though, it sort of happened for me. I went into town with my mother and brother because I needed to get books for school and I was meeting friends later on. Anyway, my mother, brother and I went to Coffee Central in the market to meet my aunt for, well, coffee. This particular coffee house is a a counter on a corner with about 6 seats. Due to the fact that it was written about in a newspaper recently my mother loves the place. Personally I would prefer somewhere with an adequate level of seating, but not my mother. The place was full, so I said ‘Can we not just go to Butlers? I dunno why you’re so obsessed with this place,’ to which my mother replied ‘I am not obsessed. There is a smaller cp of coffee here and it is much nicer.’ Whatever. So basically she ended up telling my aunt and I to goo for coffee ourselves and she’d meet me in half an hour to get my books and proceeded to storm off. Oh the joys.

I met her, got the money, bought the books, which came to €19 more than the €100 she had given me. She did pay me, albeit a tad reluctantly, and left without so much as a ‘See you later.’ And yesterday when I got home she wasn’t angry with me, but just, well, nothing. Completely indifferent towards me. It’s amusing at times. Like this morning, she said ‘I wasn’t going to talk to you, but there’s a glass on your table so put it outside before the mildew starts growing on it.’ Obsessed with the focking mildew she is. A bit like the way she’s obsessed with Coffee Central.
The ironic thing in all of this is the fact that she has ‘washed her hands of me’ for the most insignificant of reasons. If I’d been caught drinking, or didn’t come home some night, or went off the rails fine. But because I didn’t want to go for coffee next door to raw chickens? It makes me laugh.
I’m hoping something positive will come of this, like her telling me I have to get out of here once I’m finished school. But she hasn’t washed her hands of me that much…yet.

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Ohhh yesssss!

The night has arrived. The night we have all been waiting for I’m sure..Tonight, Saturday 4th of September, at 9.35pm Ryan Tubridy will, for the very first time, present the Late Late Show as it enters into its 47th series. My, what a milestone in all our lives. Tune in people! You’ll be telling the grandkids in years to come..

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The beginning of it all.

Two days ago I walked throught the heavy wooden doors, swipe card in hand, navy Jansport (robbed from brother) on my back. I thought back over the summer, and how the beginning seemed so long ago, but at the same time, it was as if we only got the holidays yesterday. It was weird. I have had the best summer of my life, and returning to school confirmed the end. I have to settle down now, do homework and study, get into a routine. I don’t really know what to think about it all. Two more years left in school, but two of the hardest. I’m not going to dwell on it…too much.

Going back was uneventful. Apart from some slight changes involving hand sanitsers at all entrances, the place was hauntingly familiar. The odd painted classroom, a few new lockers, the prefabs split into two classrooms each were all different, but the shell of the building remained utterly unchanged. I was back. Again.
It was a tad hectic the first day, trying to get organised into classes, but at least it wasted time. Lunch came around, eugh. The same bloody ham sandwich. Ffs, mockery etc. And then the bell. The sweet, sweet sound of the bell. Goodbye…for today.

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