I just have to write it, publish it, for myself.

I’m back at school a month and a half now, and things are going downhill. I started out ok, but now I’m procrastinating. Alot. This blog even, everything. It’s all an escape from that desk and those books. My latest thing has been ordering prospectuses (prospectii?) from various universities in Ireland. It’s as though I still think I’m doing something academic, but really what use are prospectuses and courses if I don’t have the points?
So I’m going to say it here, in the hope that I take this blog somewhat seriously. From now on I’m going to try my best. This doesn’t mean studying every minute of every day. Fuck no. But merely doing my homework once I come home, and studying for my tests. Not leaving stuff to the last minute, but at the same time going out and enjoying myself.
This year I already cut back from two days to one day of tennis, and I also gave up Speech and Drama. I think this could all have been a bad idea. See, if I had alot more on my plate, I’d probably feel like I can’t neglect my schoolwork or else I’ll have to give up X. But now that X doesn’t exist…I’m don’t really feel like I’m neglecting anything as such.
But I’m going to give it a go again. Go at it with a new spurt of energy and enthusiasm. And hope for the best.
No more self-counselling posts anymore, I promise!

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