Friday evening at home

Sixteen years old and sitting a laptop on a Friday night. Hey! It could be worse!

Some positive developments in the ‘Tomorrow night’s eighteenth official freak-out’ in that I think I know what I’m wearing. The picture to the left (taken from dublinstreets) is the dress I think I shall wear, with dark purple-y tights and dark purple Irregular Choice shoes. Hopefully that’ll be ok because I really don’t have anything else.
My hair is super short at the moment following a visit to the hairdresser’s last Wednesday to get my split ends chopped off. I think I’ll go with straightening the hair and maybe a bit of teasing or back-combing to get some volume going on. I am really trying my best here to be positive about this shin-dig. I hope this is coming across..
It is now half past eight and I have a number of paths that I could take. I could try and get my homework done, which really would be a good idea, seeing as I’ll be out all day and all night tomorrow. And I will have to knuckle down a bit on Sunday what with us getting a few ‘mid-terms’ next week. However, I could stay hibernating here on the couch wasting away the hours on the evil entity that is the Internet. Or I could go to bed and read the various prospectuses I have received in the post. Or I could watch television. I’m sure you care alot.

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