Surprisingly enough I have actually become quite excited about tonight! I mean, it’s a hell of alot better than staying at home come to think of it. And now that we have the present, and I’ve my clothes sorted and nails done etc it doesn’t seem so bad.

Hannah’s coming over soon for the ‘getting ready’ ritual. Haha. But it should be fun. My mother told me she was talking to the birthday boy in town today. She then went on to tell me how lovely he is. I hope she doesn’t think I fancy him or anything, coz it’s really not like that.

Town was so busy today despite the murky misty rain. After searching high and low for a present we went to Cork Coffee Roasters for a cuppa. Cuppa coffee for myself and cuppa tea for yer wan. It was so nice and cute and cosy in there. And the staff are really nice..the guy who made my Americano remembered that I’d been doing a gig last week and asked me how it went.

People like that make me happy.

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