Plans for today.

Ok, it’s almost 2 o’clock. I’ve been to Kinsale with the rents and the dog for breakfast and a walk on the beach, along with the inevitable quizzing about last night. (“Were there any nice boys there?”) Now I’m home and I have all my freaking homework to do aswell as learning all of Business Unit 1 for a test tomorrow that’s worth 10% of our Christmas test. So it kinda does matter. FFS. I should get a start on Maths Chapter 4 too because we have a test on that during the week aswell. I really cannot wait for mid-term.

I don’t want to bore you with the rest of the minute details about my homework, but if you have an urge to read ahead, feel free..(don’t say I didn’t warn you though).

Maths: some questions, and start studying chapter 4
Irish: ?
English: Learn a shitload of Hamlet quotes, and write out the new ones
French: some comprehension
Chemistry: Q3 on the Trends in the Periodic Table chapter, and learn that for a test this week
Biology: Exam papers on what we did last week, and write up food tests
Business: Lear all of Unit 1. Oh the joys.

Do-able? I’ll let ye know later…


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