So I did my written homework yesterday, and the decided to partake in my favourite activity, procrastination. Disguised as an effort to be more organised and to assist learning, I set about typing up my Business notes for my impending mid-term test the next day. By about six o’clock I had everything nicely laid out and typed up, and I connected the printer. *Dun dun DUN!* Low and behold, the fecker of a printer was not responding. I tried everything, but he still just coughed and spluttered. So I went off installing alternate drivers for the old printer. Still nothing. I slammed some doors and went back to the tried and trusted pen and paper. Come back, all is forgiven.

The rest of the evening was quite productive though, as I managed to get all of Unit 1 learned. But no evening would be complete without some more procrastination, so I left my room with the lights on and the window open, thinking I’d just give my Facebook a quick check. However, after opening the laptop one thing led to another and after half an hour (or more) I found myself back in a daddy-long-legs infested room. Oh the horror. I grabbed last week’s copy of the Irish Times (open on the share prices page) and the murder began. Eugh. I think the moral of yesterday is that procrastination is bad.


In other, non-procrastination related news, the weather continues to be shit, disrupting my new plan to go for a walk with one of the dogs every day before dinner. Also, my mother told me today that two of her sisters are coming to stay on Thursday. Up from Trolly-land (Tralee) for a city break, one could say. Meh, how bad. Bit of diversion for me. And diversion is a cousin of procrastination, so I’m gonna love it!

Now to get back to the lovely Hamlet…


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