Three days to go…

The average Facebook update these days contains some reference to the mid-term. I have therefore named this post in honour of everyone’s new favourite topic of conversation. So yes, three mornings left to get up at the grey dawn, by which I mean half 7, and trudge through those gates and up those stairs for another day of fun and frolics. And three days really isn’t alot, especially considering the fact that two of those days or half days, eh?! No major plans yet for mid-term, apart from catching up on some much-needed sleep and drinking some much-needed coffee in Cork Coffee Roasters. I need to find something to do for Halloween come to think of it…party anyone?

In the reporting-of-daily-events side of things, I was elected Editor of the school magazine for the second year running today. Yay! I like the stress of organising such things, and whiling away the days in school putting together a magazine on InDesign is really very appealing. And (assuming we get to the finals) a day in Dublin ain’t half bad either! I’m pretty good at bossing people around too…

School is kind of sickening at the moment, and not just in the literal swine flu sense. I’m always like a different person in school in some ways, and not just me, but other people too. Everyone just seems to be the same (apart from some huge differences between cliques or stereotypes or whatever). There’s no individuality about the place, and to be quite honest, being fecked into a building and forced to spend your days with people who would have no intention of going near otherwise isn’t the best situation. I tend to get sick of people in school, but then if I see them that weekend outside school it’s like it’s different. Perhaps it’s just the difference in my attitude towards life in general when I’m in school and when I’m not. Maybe I actually love/hate everyone, but I only think differently depending on what environment I’m in. Like I’m always in a good mood when I’m in town. Actually now that I say it, I think there might be something there. For me anyway, I think that when I’m in a good mood I think people are nicer, and I like them more. I don’t notice their annoying traits because I’m happy. But if I’m in a crappy mood, everyone annoys me. Hmm. Maybe this is, and always has been, blatantly obvious to everyone else but I just realised it properly now.

How bad.

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