Time to celebrate…or despair?

I think I’d go with the latter.

Midterm has finally come upon us, but not before the most stressful day of tests. Irish and Chemistry were fine, as expected, but Maths was feckin’ horrible, also as expected. I’m really not feeling this whole honours maths thing. I mean, I’m able for it, but I’m not at an A1 standard, do is there really much point? I’ll keep with it, but I’m thinking an extra subject may be needed. Or maths grinds.

Going to see the Coronas in Cyprus Avenue tomorrow, and then back to a friend’s house for the night. Nice way to start the mid-term. I’m kinda getting a bit freaked out by the whole swine flu thing at the moment though. I mean 4 of the 9 deaths in the Republic have occurred in the past week. And classes are beginning to be that little bit quieter, and there’s that extra one or two people going home sick every week. According to these ‘health authorities’ it’s nowhere near it’s peak transmission yet either. Which wouldn’t be so bad if the vaccine was hunky-dory but from what I’ve been hearing it seems a bit dodge. Not that I’m trying to scare you in any way, but I’ve read about two semi-famous journalist/medical(?) people who have claimed it’s actually an act of bioterrorism by the powerful world leaders to control the population. This thought is just a bit eerie. Meanwhile, some more reliable news sources have been reporting that it hasn’t been tested properly, that it’s toxic, and numerous other side-effects, along with the fact that a load up to a half of front-line health workers are refusing to be vaccinated.

Just something to ponder as you lie awake in bed tonight…

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