Jazzing it up!

What a weekend.

What I hate about this though is that I really can’t expand on that statement too much for my own safety and livelihood. So maybe that means I shouldn’t be a ‘blogger’. This is too public now though. It’s up on irishstudentblogs.com with my name so it’s not such a good idea to be blabbing on about stuff.

‘Twas the jazz weekend down here anyway. I did get a good bit of live music, but not all jazz. Went to see the Coronas in Cyprus Avenue on Saturday. Good enough gig once we managed to get in after the doors opened an hour later than stated. (Not cool Cyprus – although I do know there’s always issues with opening on time.) I didn’t do the whole getting stuck into the middle of the crowd and jumping around thing this time round. Kinda weird, but I was just back in the bar part with another friend for a good bit. It was everyone else that missed out…that barman was HOT. After the gig we went and sat in the back while trying to change the date on Heather’s swipe card using tipp-ex and a marker. Complete and utter fail, not that we actually needed it in the end. We were probably the only people in the place not pushing their way up to the table where the Coronas were and screaming for autographs and hugs and pictures. It was amusing to watch. The lead singer dude was staring at us for a while, probably in awe of the fact that we were managing to restrain ourselves, something he’s probably not used to. I had a nice chat with the hot one, Dave, though. he’s nice.

Aisling had a semi-free gaff that night so she said we could all stay at hers after the gig. By semi-free gaff, I mean that her parents were gone but she was supposed to be minding her sister. She left town earlier to go pick her sister up, and after a quick trip to Centra the rest of us got the 14 back to Togher bai and climbed the hill to her gaff, passing some drug dealers en route. All in a day. It was a calm enough night, and I scrubbed the place at about 1am with orange-scented washing-up liquid, domestic goddess that I am.

Sunday involved two drooping eyelids, so I went to bed at like half 3, got up for dinner, and then went back to bed again. Sign of a good night right?!

Yesterday was probably the best day of the bank holiday weekend. It began with a nice trip to town during the day, and some damn good coffee in Cork Coffee Roasters. A nice chat there for over an hour, from where we headed on the Jazz Fest Club in the Metropole. Brought back memories of last year, but I havta say this year was a tad better. After I went home for dinner, it was back out again to Liam’s FG for a little gathering, which involved his sister’s assistance, a pack of cards and copious amounts of tea at half 10. Fun times. Sadly though, the tea (Which I made. Told you I was a domestic goddess.) and water did not have enough effect on Aisling and her mommy was not too happy with her. All will be revealed when we go for coffee later.

Those aunts of mine are actually coming down today, in like an hour, so I need to go have a shower and perhaps get a start on my homework. Then town for an analysis of yesterday.

So long folks! And well done if you managed to get this far!


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