This is it.

This description I found on tumblr couldn’t be more accurate.

i think you should come to my house and watch movies with me in bed while drinking hot chocolate, i’ll make you some toast while you stand awkwardly in my kitchen. i want you to never take your eyes off of me. i want you to play with my hair while i fall asleep on your lap. i want you to laugh at my stupid jokes and not care when i act like a tit. i want you to say i look nice in the morning, even if i look like a tramp. i want to borrow your jacket when i get cold. i want you to want me.
i want forehead kisses. i want my arms around your neck. i want you to surprise me. i want you to inspire me. i want you to be amazed by me. i’l buy you things because it makes me happy. we’ll take silly pictures and go on walks. you’l be my drunken call and i’ll be yours. we’ll argue and makeup. you’ll enjoy my awful singing and art i do. we’ll just lie there, knowing we’re feeling the same thing.

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