Decisions, decisions, decisions…

I’m sitting in the leather armchair in the bay window, wearing my pyjamas, dressing gown, and a hideous pair of luminous socks. When I look out the window, things look a bit blurry because of the little streams of rain running down the window. The effect is a bit like when you put on someone else’s glasses. According to my usually inaccurate estimations the rain is driving down at a 45 (Oh My God I just realised there’s no little circle thing that represents degrees on the keyboard!!) degree angle. (I suppose one could represent it like so : 45^o.) Everything is really, really wet, but I’m one of the very few people who don’t mind the Irish weather. I have been known on occasions to go as far as actually liking it.

We have too many people staying in our house at the moment. Obviously there’s the four people that normally reside here, but now we also have three of my mother’s sisters. Two have been down from Kerry since Tuesday, and now we have another down from St. Luke’s Cross (about 20 minutes away) because her ‘partner’ has focked off to India on some hike. Now, considering the fact that we rarely have guests, we only have one guest bedroom. Wait, what am I saying only for? It’s one bedroom more than my parents, the people who paid for the gaff, need. So anyway, my aunt is now sleeping in the lounge on the most comfortable couch in the gaff (debatable) where I spend quality time with my laptop. So now I’ve had to move to the leather armchair next to it. How shall I ever live.

Today, anyway, I have the choice of going to town and sitting in Cork Coffee Roasters with my friends and talking for hours on end about things that don’t really matter, and then searching high and low for a Halloween costume for a party tomorrow night. OR. I can go for lunch in the Sheraton which will be paid for for me. But it would be with my aunts, so obviously the conversation would matter even less. Hmm.

I’m also beginning to worry slightly about the fact that I have yet to start my mid-term homework. I had great plans for revision and everything else, but to be quite honest, I needed the break. I might start it today if I get a chance, and if not, Sunday evening is as good a time as any to do it.

Oh Jesus, the child is putting up a few Halloween decorations. Oh the joys of living on a household akin to a zoo.

Good day my loyal readers! Enjoy this day as it shall be like no other.


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