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Water water everywhere…

…but ne’er a drop to drink.

Cork is submerged. And quite frankly, I like it! Yesterday, during the first class after lunch, the vice principal made an announcement over the intercom asking teachers to allow students use their phones to contact their parents. We were being allowed home early due to ‘adverse weather conditions’. That’s not necessarily a quote from anyone; I just thought it looked better in inverted commas.

I fecked on out of the place anyway. The problem is a bit bigger now though. Water was released from Inniscarra Dam during high tide, and so the city flooded. Washington Street, Grand Parade, over by the Mercy, Western Road and all around UCC, out the Carrigrohane Road and anywhere in between were turned into rivers. All bridges from Inniscarra to the city were closed. It was bad.

Houses and businesses in the city have been destroyed. Student accomodation was evacuated. UCC’s new IT building has been severely damaged. Schools were closed. Underground carparks filled up with water, ruining cars. A five-star hotel was evacuated. West Cork under water too.

Having seen pictures, it is absolutely awful for anyone whose house has been damaged, and for the money lost by traders. There’s still a little part of me that wants to go into town for sconce around. I’d love to find a little boat, and sail around the city centre. Flood waters appear to be clearing, but high tide is at half 7 or so tonight, and more water will probably be coming down from Inniscarra so we’ll have to wait and see whether I can go for coffee in town yet or not.

Water supply has been turned off due to flooding of the water treatment plant on the Lee Road. So, there’s a new meaning to the phrase “Water water everywhere, but ne’er a drop to drink’.

Anyone with a boat, please leave a comment. A canoe/kayak will suffice.

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Day 1 of new Internet routine.

I have successfully managed to curb my Internet usage, well for today anyway. After coming home I put the head down and did my homework, even wrote up the Chemistry experiment ‘to determine the relative molecular mass of a volatile liquid’. Woo!

After dinner I had a little look around Facebook and PRoC, and managed to stay away until about half an hour ago. Very productive day.

I also found a new Blogger template! Yay! The long search is finally over (for this week anyway).

Ireland played France in the second leg of a world cup qualifier just there. Ireland lost. I didn’t watch it because I had to have a shower and then have my Internet time. Every single Facebook update in the past half hour or less have been about the match. I think I may have missed out on a monumental moment in Irish history.

Time to emigrate I guess, before I’m rejected by the Irish population.

I’ve already been called a loser on Facebook for not watching it like…

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My Internet Addiction

After reading this (which I found over at IrishStudentBlogs) I realised just how badly I need to do something similar.

Today, after coming home I made some tea and opened the laptop for a sconce around various forums, blogs and social networking sites. One distraction led to another, and it was half five before I was changing out of my uniform. More procrastination followed, and by the time I sat down to do my homework it was 7:30.

This is slightly ridiculous seeing as I had way too many experiments to write up for both Chemistry and Biology, among other things. So here I am, back on the evil Internet, but only so I can turn over a new leaf.

From tomorrow on, I won’t be doing anything as drastic as was described in the link above, but (hopefully) I will adhere to the following rules:
1. No Internet until after dinner.
2. Half an hour after dinner consisting of : Facebook, PRoC, Blogger, Email.
3. Assuming homework has been completed, one hour from 9:00 to 10:00 for various online entertainment.
4. Any iTunes / iPod stuff must also be completed withing these time frames.

We’ll see how I get on…

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Childhood…and Old Age.

My grandmother was over for dinner today. She comes over every Sunday but this Sunday my mum collected her and my dad dropped her home. It’s getting dark so early that she prefers not to drive now. When my dad announced that he was dropping her home I decided to go along for the spin. I love being in the car at night, when it’s all dark and the streetlights are on. There’s something beautiful about darkness. That, and the fact that I was a bit bored.

And as we drove over I began to realise that I actually cannot remember the last time I was over in her house. It’s not that I don’t see her, seeing as she comes over to our place twice a week, but in all honesty I had no idea when I had last been over there.

It scared me in a way. I thought I knew exactly what the place looked like, but at the same time I didn’t try to picture it in my head. We arrived and we walked her up to the house, and popped inside for a few minutes. This is the house where I spent my time as a baby and as a toddler. When my parents went to work every day I would go over there and my grandparents would mind me, until my dad came to collect me on his way home.

I would talk to my grandparents, maybe go to mass with my nana, go out for a spin, go for lunch, or tea. I’d watch the Countdown or a snooker match with my granda, pick the lotto numbers for him, do some weeding in the garden, play with the toys in the toy box behind the couch, take out a colouring book, play with the neighbour’s dog, and help decorate at Christmas. All these memories came flooding back when I stepped through the front door. What shocked me the most was the fact that the place seemed almost new to me, as though I hadn’t been there before. I did remember it, but I had forgotten bits too.

That surprised me alright, but what scared me was seeing old age for what it really is. My grandmother, this old woman, has to spend ever night alone in that house. It honestly must be terrifying. I mean, I like my solitude, but having to be alone every night, that’s different. And I’m a young ‘un. I’m less likely to have a fall or a serious accident, or to be targeted my vandals.

I’m not saying my grandmother is in a depressed state, because she has family and friends that love her and who are always visiting or bringing her out. But as we walked up that wet path in the dark, and climbed those steep steps to the door, it made me realise some stuff.

And I just said I’d share it with the world.

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A stolen glance across a crowded room

Yesterday, I related to you my experiences at mass of eye-contact and longing. I’ll be thinking about him for the week now.

This morning, as per every Sunday, we went down to Kinsale for coffee and a walk on the beach. It was just my mum and me though because my dad and brother were down in Clonakilty at a tennis tournament. Just in case you wanted a more detailed description of the scenario.

Before the summer, I had regularly seen this family come into the same café where we go and have coffee/breakfast. What caught my eye however, was not this irrelevant similarity, but the two teenage sons of the family, who were damn good looking. my mother, in her typical ways, would point them out to me and so on.

Today they came into the café again and once they sat down the mother said “So tell us about the party last night”. That sentence is so bloody familiar to me, that I laughed. The two guys, who may be twins because they look very alike and seem to be the same age, were joined by a friend. One of the sons had his arms on the table and his head lying on top of them. They each ordered a glass of milk. It made me smile because they were having the Sunday morning I always have after a night out : feeling wrecked and hungover, and then trying to think of what I can and can’t tell my parents about the night before.

Eye contact was made with the hot one. Mmmm… I wonder do their parents allow them drink, or are they actually eighteen? Whose party were they at? “Did they meet any nice girls?” Such a classic Mom sentence. Yet they had to sit their, unable to escape the interrogation. We’re so alike it’s ridiculous.

I wouldn’t mind getting to know them either.

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The quest for the perfect Blogger template

I’ve have tried so many templates, but I can never seem to find one that suits me just perfectly. It’s hard when my blog isn’t focused on anything in particular, but just whatever I feel like going on and on about on a given day.

For the past few weeks I had a mostly white page, with a blue banner at the top and some musical graphics of a gramophone and the like. I got a bit fed up of it though, so I chose to try out Hemingway. I’m liking the colours, the font, and the beautiful simplicity of it, but I’d kinda prefer if the posts were in one column instead of two because I think it all looks a bit confusing at the minute.

In other news, I finally found my camera charger today after months of my camera lying on the dressing table all alone. I had been hunting high an low for it, and mentioned it to my mother a little while ago, and of course her suggestion as to where it could be was correct. SO the battery is currently charging, and hopefully I can start taking pictures again, maybe even posting a few here if I feel so inclined. I’m in no way any good at photography whatsoever but I’d rather use my own images instead of robbing them from other locations.

Sin é.

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Cork Coffee Roasters

I mention this place alot, so I may as well dedicate a post to it.

Simply put, it is the best coffee shop in Cork city. It has beautifully eccentric decor, friendly staff, amazing coffee and at reasonable prices.

I could spend hours, wait I do that already. No, I could spend days in there.

I bring it up now, as yesterday it won first prize in the café/restaurant category of the Cork Better Building Awards.

I happened to come across this website >>
and downloaded the Power Point presentation that was shown at the awards ceremony. And lo and behold, when I came to the slide for Cork Coffee Roasters we are there, sitting inside behind the guys at the window.

Not much of a surprise considering the amount of time we spend in there.

And fair fock’s to them for winning that award. ‘Tis well deserved.

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