It’s not a holiday I exactly count the days down to each year, but I really did enjoy yesterday. I spent Friday night googling various forms of the phrase “easy halloween costume ideas” and did come up with a good few possibilities, but in the end I went with a cowgirl. How riveting. It was easy though. I just wore a denim skirt, tank top, check shirt, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. Done.

Town was kinda fun yesterday because everyone was in a, like, Halloween spirit if that makes sense. Queues outside mmmad costume shop ffs. Seriously, kids these days have no creativity. Got FREE lunch in town yesterday too with my full Wholy Grain loyalty card, so I got a cajun chicken sandwich with mixed peppers, red onion, grated cheddar cheese and jalapeno relish on white. Savage. My next coffee in Cork Coffee Roasters shalll also be free. I love my loyalty cards.

So we went to Aoife’s Halloween party anyway. Good laugh in fairness. A load of people came in the end and it was just a fun night in general. No major shit went down, which is nice for a change, and it was a helluva lot better than Internet / X Factor (which I don’t even watch but I’m throwing in here so it has some relevance to what everyone’s talking about these days) / wandering around in the dark.

School tomorrow. Death. Midterm went waaaay too fast, and I haven’t even started my homework yet, which I should reeeeally get around to one of these hours now. So much for my study plans for midterm anyway…

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