Thoughts about the past week..

So our mini-summer has been and gone. When we left school on that joyous Friday after a horrific Maths test, it was but merely autumn. We return to its doors having walked through winter winds. Only 6 weeks now ’til Christmas exams and then the whole holidays thing will start again.

Mid-term really did surpass many expectations. I went out a good bit, and didn’t spend EVERY waking second with the exact same people. We spent sleeping seconds together too! Nah, it really was a good week, and Christ did I need the break. I had my plans to do my homework the first weekend and then a little bit of study each day, but we only make plans so we can go against them and then feel like we’ve actually done something worthwhile.

I’ve my written homework that’s due tomorrow done, but haven’t even begun learning those stoopid quotes from Hamlet. May as well learn the whole play the amount we’re getting. I’m not going to freak out about school anymore; I’ll survive.

I played alot of guitar over the past week, which was nice. It’s been a while since I’ve learned new songs and it’s a damn good feeling. Bought a new capo too which is easier to change, and is ten times better seeing as it raises the pitch evenly instead of having everything all over the place. I’m still using the first pick that I got with the guitar. It’s a nice soft, pale grey Dunlop one with little bits of dents in it from being used so much. I have others, but they’re alot harder, more for the ol’ electric when I’m jamming on a Sunday with the band. =P

I wish I didn’t have to go back to that place tomorrow. It has been SO good to just be able to forget about it for a week and not have to wear that uniform, or sit in those horrible hospital-coloured classrooms and count down the hours ’til I can leave. And now we return to results from those tests last Friday and “back into the swing of things” again.

I cannot wait for Saturday when I will go for coffee in Cork Coffee Roasters and get a free coffee with my full loyalty card. Or perhaps Friday afternoon.

It’s going to be a long week.


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