I survived!

I am sitting at home on the couch. Pure bliss. Well, relatively. Another Monday has come and gone. Funny how during holidays, Mondays are the best. Like last Monday I felt like the rest of my life lay ahead. I mean, seriously, a whole week. School would never come around, right?!

Mondays tend to go pretty fast anyway because I’ve a double business, and classes are 5 minutes shorter than the other days. Got two tests back today. The bad news first: 86% in Maths. Now for the good news: 100% in Chemistry. Woo! Science rocks…

Right now I want to find some of that chocolate that my brother got trick-or-treating at the weekend, but my mother has hidden. Lovely, just lovely. I can have an orange, or a cracker with my cup of coffee instead. How appetising.

I like how it’s dark so much earlier now, but I hate how it’s brighter in the mornings. Mornings should be dark and sleepy, not bright and happy. This morning, I couldn’t remember whether my dad had woken me or not, but my door was open, so I figured I had been roused. I went to switch on my lamp and my aunt who’s staying with us appeared in the doorway with a cheery “Good morning!” I am very sorry, but that is just NOT something a person who wishes to continue their life on this planet says. I could have shot her. It is just plain wrong. She shouldn’t even be up and dressed at that hour, not to mention bidding us all a good morning. Grr…mornings = dark, depressing, quiet, moody, tired. Got that?

I haven’t had a day off school in ages, where everyone else is out, and a day that I don’t need to have a shower coz my hair looks good anyway, and I can just cuddle up under my duvet on the couch and watch crappy daytime tv. Even at that, it’s more the thought of it than anything else that’s appealing. If I do have a day off, I prefer to get up and make the most of it. Generally, I tend to go to town at the crack of dawn, purely because I need a lift to the suburbs with the ‘rents, and I wait around for a few hours until my friends come in. Not as bad as it sounds, I swear.

I still have my Biology homework left to do, and then maybe a weensy bit of study, and then a shower, and if I’ve time, I might actually open that Theory Test handbook. I crave freedom.

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