Nice Wednesdays…

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Some Wednesdays are absolutely horrific. Despite the fact that we get a half day, it’s not a whole lot of good to me seeing as I can’t get a lift home for an hour and a half after I finish. Which just isn’t good.

Today though, today was nice. Non-uniform day at school for a start, although it proved to be quite annoying due to my too-big jeans. My friend, Aisling (although I don’t call her this. I call her Botch. She calls me Botch.), was going to town so I said I’d join her. After a little spot of embarrassing running between bus stops either side of my school I managed to get on the bus, albeit slightly out of breath. Not to worry. Although I was worrying about the fact that the bus was packed and every window was closed. Anyway..

The two of us went to tkmaxx first to go to the bathroom for make-up-putting-on purposes and whatnot. The bathrooms are pretty nice and big enough with shiny black tiles and circular mirrors. But we went down the steps, and to our horror, discovered that you now have to pay 20c to use the bathrooms!!! We just stood there, stunned, going ohmygod ohmygod when a man came over and put the 20c in for us. Weird, in the creepy way. Not good.

We had a little stroll around and Botch bought some nice blue tights, we passed the cute guy from O2, she then got some credit, we passed Rich singing Heyday, and finally got to Cork Coffee Roasters. Free coffee for me with my loyalty card (YaY!) and a scone. Nice chat. Bus home (and not on my own). Nice dinner. My Nana brought cakes over. Not a bad day.

And now that Wednesday is over we’re on the home straight for the weekend. Just two more days left. I have an interview for School Bank Manager tomorrow though. It’s only going to take about 5 minutes but ugh. I kinda have enough on my plate so I’m contemplating coming across seriously incompetent tomorrow. Maybe, maybe not.

I’ll finish up now before you fall asleep and sue me for damage to your keyboard from your head falling on it.


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