Hamlet. Dear, dear Hamlet.

I have tried. I really have. All the quotes are written out, divided in to sections depending on how you would use them, along with a point about each one. I have read over them time and time again, blocked them with a page, tried to say them spontaneously, and listen Ms. Whelton, I CANNOT REMEMBER THEM. Ok?

I have also learned three chapters of Business, and French vocab, and frankly, I don’t care about those quotes. I’ll know a few important ones by the time the Leaving comes around, and I’ll get by with those. Fridays have just morphed into Test Days. Sigh.

This week has gone pretty quickly actually. Christ I never thought I’d survive when I was getting up on Monday morning, but here we are, almost at the other end. Weekend doesn’t look too bad. Niamh just text we there and invited me to her gaff gathering on Saturday night. I really do love parents who go off on holidays / breaks and leave their kids at home so they won’t miss any of the all-important fifth year.

We had this interview thing in school today for the School Bank Team. I applied for Bank Manager but there’s not a hope in hell that I’ll get it. Not that I care, because to be quite honest, the bank is always an Epic Fail (with capital letters, yes) and I have enough as editor of the magazine. Interview wasn’t bad, but I didn’t really get to show off all my achievements and whatnot as much as I’d have liked. I mean, I could have talked for aaaages about Kinsale Arts Week, but when I mentioned all that gig stuff she told me I was an ‘arty type’ and into ‘theatre’. That’s obviously not bank manager material, but it made me think about what I really am supposed to do with my life; like what am I born to do? I didn’t have any major revelations, just more questions. All I have these days is questions…

I want to go to bed know, and curl up with ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ and read until my eyes will no longer stay open.

Oíche mhaith.


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