A stolen glance across a crowded room

Yesterday, I related to you my experiences at mass of eye-contact and longing. I’ll be thinking about him for the week now.

This morning, as per every Sunday, we went down to Kinsale for coffee and a walk on the beach. It was just my mum and me though because my dad and brother were down in Clonakilty at a tennis tournament. Just in case you wanted a more detailed description of the scenario.

Before the summer, I had regularly seen this family come into the same café where we go and have coffee/breakfast. What caught my eye however, was not this irrelevant similarity, but the two teenage sons of the family, who were damn good looking. my mother, in her typical ways, would point them out to me and so on.

Today they came into the café again and once they sat down the mother said “So tell us about the party last night”. That sentence is so bloody familiar to me, that I laughed. The two guys, who may be twins because they look very alike and seem to be the same age, were joined by a friend. One of the sons had his arms on the table and his head lying on top of them. They each ordered a glass of milk. It made me smile because they were having the Sunday morning I always have after a night out : feeling wrecked and hungover, and then trying to think of what I can and can’t tell my parents about the night before.

Eye contact was made with the hot one. Mmmm… I wonder do their parents allow them drink, or are they actually eighteen? Whose party were they at? “Did they meet any nice girls?” Such a classic Mom sentence. Yet they had to sit their, unable to escape the interrogation. We’re so alike it’s ridiculous.

I wouldn’t mind getting to know them either.

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