The quest for the perfect Blogger template

I’ve have tried so many templates, but I can never seem to find one that suits me just perfectly. It’s hard when my blog isn’t focused on anything in particular, but just whatever I feel like going on and on about on a given day.

For the past few weeks I had a mostly white page, with a blue banner at the top and some musical graphics of a gramophone and the like. I got a bit fed up of it though, so I chose to try out Hemingway. I’m liking the colours, the font, and the beautiful simplicity of it, but I’d kinda prefer if the posts were in one column instead of two because I think it all looks a bit confusing at the minute.

In other news, I finally found my camera charger today after months of my camera lying on the dressing table all alone. I had been hunting high an low for it, and mentioned it to my mother a little while ago, and of course her suggestion as to where it could be was correct. SO the battery is currently charging, and hopefully I can start taking pictures again, maybe even posting a few here if I feel so inclined. I’m in no way any good at photography whatsoever but I’d rather use my own images instead of robbing them from other locations.

Sin é.


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