My Internet Addiction

After reading this (which I found over at IrishStudentBlogs) I realised just how badly I need to do something similar.

Today, after coming home I made some tea and opened the laptop for a sconce around various forums, blogs and social networking sites. One distraction led to another, and it was half five before I was changing out of my uniform. More procrastination followed, and by the time I sat down to do my homework it was 7:30.

This is slightly ridiculous seeing as I had way too many experiments to write up for both Chemistry and Biology, among other things. So here I am, back on the evil Internet, but only so I can turn over a new leaf.

From tomorrow on, I won’t be doing anything as drastic as was described in the link above, but (hopefully) I will adhere to the following rules:
1. No Internet until after dinner.
2. Half an hour after dinner consisting of : Facebook, PRoC, Blogger, Email.
3. Assuming homework has been completed, one hour from 9:00 to 10:00 for various online entertainment.
4. Any iTunes / iPod stuff must also be completed withing these time frames.

We’ll see how I get on…


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