Day 1 of new Internet routine.

I have successfully managed to curb my Internet usage, well for today anyway. After coming home I put the head down and did my homework, even wrote up the Chemistry experiment ‘to determine the relative molecular mass of a volatile liquid’. Woo!

After dinner I had a little look around Facebook and PRoC, and managed to stay away until about half an hour ago. Very productive day.

I also found a new Blogger template! Yay! The long search is finally over (for this week anyway).

Ireland played France in the second leg of a world cup qualifier just there. Ireland lost. I didn’t watch it because I had to have a shower and then have my Internet time. Every single Facebook update in the past half hour or less have been about the match. I think I may have missed out on a monumental moment in Irish history.

Time to emigrate I guess, before I’m rejected by the Irish population.

I’ve already been called a loser on Facebook for not watching it like…


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