Water water everywhere…

…but ne’er a drop to drink.

Cork is submerged. And quite frankly, I like it! Yesterday, during the first class after lunch, the vice principal made an announcement over the intercom asking teachers to allow students use their phones to contact their parents. We were being allowed home early due to ‘adverse weather conditions’. That’s not necessarily a quote from anyone; I just thought it looked better in inverted commas.

I fecked on out of the place anyway. The problem is a bit bigger now though. Water was released from Inniscarra Dam during high tide, and so the city flooded. Washington Street, Grand Parade, over by the Mercy, Western Road and all around UCC, out the Carrigrohane Road and anywhere in between were turned into rivers. All bridges from Inniscarra to the city were closed. It was bad.

Houses and businesses in the city have been destroyed. Student accomodation was evacuated. UCC’s new IT building has been severely damaged. Schools were closed. Underground carparks filled up with water, ruining cars. A five-star hotel was evacuated. West Cork under water too.

Having seen pictures, it is absolutely awful for anyone whose house has been damaged, and for the money lost by traders. There’s still a little part of me that wants to go into town for sconce around. I’d love to find a little boat, and sail around the city centre. Flood waters appear to be clearing, but high tide is at half 7 or so tonight, and more water will probably be coming down from Inniscarra so we’ll have to wait and see whether I can go for coffee in town yet or not.

Water supply has been turned off due to flooding of the water treatment plant on the Lee Road. So, there’s a new meaning to the phrase “Water water everywhere, but ne’er a drop to drink’.

Anyone with a boat, please leave a comment. A canoe/kayak will suffice.


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