A fortnight

I would like to express my utmost apologies to you, my dear blog, for having ignored you for the past two weeks. I am so sorry, and I promise it will never happen again. Well it might during the next two weeks, but after that, definitely not.

Not a whole lot has happened over the past two weeks, and I guess that’s partly why I haven’t been blogging. In another way though, alot has been happening for me. Nothing ground-breakingly important, but just stuff.

People have been making me smile recently. On guy sent me a text, not a very interesting text, but the conversation that followed was simply nice. Nothing but a conversation about whatever popped into our respective heads, but it was just one of those text conversations that made me happy.

Someone else made me happy too. I’ve always thought they were lovely and funny, but this recent encounter was really nice. They helped me out as best they could, and later on made me smile by saying something no-one else could have said, or even thought of in the first place.

Guitars make me happy too. I like strumming away on my shiny black acoustic and singing a few notes in the safety of my bedroom. I love when it’s dark and I get sick of studying, so I go sit on my comfy bed and play a choon or two.

I don’t like people who think they’re ‘too mad’ and show off to everyone who’ll bother listening. I don’t like people who think they know it all, and think they’re better than everyone around them. In contrast, I like people who do know it all, but don’t think their way is necessarily the right way.

This isn’t a comprehensive list of my likes and dislikes, but a record of people who have been nice and not-so-nice over the past week.

I hate it when people don’t text back.

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