Making decisions is part of life. Everyday, each one of us makes some decision. What to wear; whether or not to put on make-up; to walk or get the bus; to get an Americano or a Cappucino; to cook dinner from scratch or throw on a pizza; to study Chemistry or Biology; to text back or not to text back. Each of these decisions, in their own little way, is important.

There are other decisions out there, alot more important though. How do you know which is the right way to go? That is, if there is even any correct choice. I had to make a decision yesterday and it was one of those decisions. Whichever route I chose, I knew I would regret my choice. There were pros and cons to both sides and I had to decide what to go with. My reasons for choosing wither were both for wrong reasons, but along with a friend, we made a decision.

I hate the decision we made. I’d have hated the alternative too. It’s a catch 22. Wow, what a cliché. But it’s the truth.

The only thing I’m scared about, in the aftermath of this decision, is that choosing the other option could have given me even more opportunities. I’m wondering had I chosen the other path, would it have changed my life? The other option would be to work on a project closely related to what I think I want to do with my life, just in a capacity that I don’t want. And it’s killing me inside to wonder if doing this project would open my eyes to the world and introduce me to people who could make my dream become reality.

Or am I over-analysing everything? Is it really not that big a deal at all? I should be in control of my own destiny. Sound engineering at 17 isn’t going to give a life-long career, is it? The uncertainty in my mind will always be there, one way or another, and it’s something I have to live with.

That’s it.

As I sat in the window of a coffee shop yesterday, a friend made me go through the CHOICE process of decision-making, for the laugh. Here it is, in case you ever require such a system. You should so have listened in JC Religion..

Check out the facts.
Have you understood the influences?
Others can help, seek advice.
In quiet time examine your conscience, ask God for help.
Choose what you think is right.
Evaluate your decision afterwards.

So useful in a multitude of eventualities…


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