My thoughts on a Monday evening

We had a half day today. Caroline’s mum kindly dropped us to Hannah’s gaff. Hannah and I had Uncle Ben’s rice. We made our Christmas wish lists. We had a Rocky bar each. We studied two chapters of Chemistry. Her rents and sister came home after a festive shopping spree. My mum collected me. Thank you, Hannah, for giving me a roof over my head when I have no home. 🙂

Sometimes you wonder if you’ve made mistakes. Mistakes only ever matter when they’re to do with people. Are you going to miss someone? Have you gotten the completely wrong impression of someone you love? Have you messed up your own life?

Mistakes don’t matter if you forgot to put the sugar into the cake mixture. But if you put the cake on a plate that had raw chicken on it just beforehand, that’s still not a mistake. It only becomes a mistake when someone eats it.

Tomorrow we’ve got no school. Woo! I love that we live in a country where the Catholic Church has a ridiculous amount of power. It’s wonderful. Tomorrow, while I’m supposed to be attending some form of a religious service, I will more than likely be drinking coffee, playing the guitar, and talking to my friends. All with a nice sprinkle of Internet time. It doesn’t sound like too bad a day.

My mind is all over the place.


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