It’s (almost) over.

Only one more exam left, and then freedom. And it’s only French tomorrow anyway which, to be honest, I couldn’t give two fecks about, so ‘sall good!

I had Irish today. Wasn’t in until 11 so instead of doing the responsible, diligent thing and studying last night, I spent yesterday on the mighty Internet, and half-learned an essay on ‘Jack’ in bed this morning. Had a quick glance over ‘An Bhean Óg’ and ‘Clare sa Spéir’ too, and the latter came up. Exam went fine in the end, considering the fact that I really thought I was heading for a D when I went in.

After school I went to town. Went into Plugd (more about this in a post where I have more time and energy) had a weep, and bought a CD. Also went for coffee in my favourite coffee shop, and made a very constructive list of possible articles for the school magazine.

Christ I only had a bowl of Fruit’n’Fibre, a bar of Áine chocolate, and an Americano all day. I should be starving.

I wish I could be happier, but I’m not.


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