It’s Christmas!

And so after a terribly long week, the exams end, and freedom is finally here. What a relief. After a ridiculously short French exam a lengthy sit ensued as I waited for the two hours to be up. Eventually, after what seemed like three years, seven months, two weeks, five hours and thirty-four minutes, we were allowed leave. And that was it! It was over!

I went to the office to retrieve a memory card that a teacher has had for a very long time, but alas, it was not there as promised. So this means either no photos for me over Christmas, or go out and buy a new memory card. I think I should claim for this disruption. Or send the bill for a huge memory card to the school.

So we got the bus into town at 11 and went for a coffee. It was so feckin’ nice to be in there without the dreaded thought of having to go home and study. When we sat down Caroline opened The Cork News, a local freesheet, that was there next to her. It was a sentimental moment for us as we looked at a little picture of Jim from Plugd standing outside the shop, under which there was a quote taken from the PRoC from a local gig poster printer.

Then we turned to the back of the paper and there was a two page spread on Plugd’s impending closure. There, in red lettering among all the other black print was a quote from a certain user on the PRoC. Me. Oh jeez. I went up to order my Americano and chocolate tart, as my friends pored over my amazing words. And I heard them kind of scream and laugh, and immediately I knew which of my posts they had chosen to print. It was a personal anecdote about my mornings in Plugd when Albert used to wash the floor. How bad. At least my love for the place has been published in a newspaper.

I don’t really know what we did for the rest of the day. I ended up being in town for six hours and I can’t exactly remember where those six hours went. But it was still nice. The freedom of having nothing to do. Apart from Christmas shopping, and that doesn’t matter.

Forty-five minute wait for the bus, but I’ll get over it. Eventually.

I’m a tad wrecked now though. Lovely surprise for me when I came in the door in the form of a few birthday cards, one containing 50 yoyos from my lovely grandmother. Between that, and the twenty my daddy gave me this morning, I’m well chuffed. I should save it for an Oxegen ticket, but hopefully Plugd will be seeing a fair share of it.

Bought The Dudley Corporation – In Love With The Dudley Corporation yesterday in there. And a quote from Albert’s old man said to The Corpo themselves over dinner: “What kind of corporation are ye running here at all lads?”

The Dudley Corporation – What a Human Does (Taken from In Love With The Dudley Corporation)


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