Today I bought…

Today was the start of the first proper Christmas weekend. Town was feckin’ jammers between the SHARE people begging everyone for money, and the slightly older folks freaking out about Christmas. I went for coffee with my mum and my aunt, and then looked around a few shops with them, bumped into my Maths teacher, tried on a jumper and then departed them and wandered around.

Caroline made a lovely boo boo by texting me by accident regarding the fact that she didn’t want to spend as much on my birthday present as we always spend on each other’s presents. So that was a fabulous start to the morning.

Happened to meet a guy I know as I came out of Penneys after buying a leather-look over-the-shoulder bag, because my Tophop canvas one was just not staying up on my shoulder. So I walked up the street a bit, avoiding a few people en route, and then we talked for about half an hour, as he stood fascinated by a woman with branches stuck on to her who waved her arms about in what was apparently a tree-like fashion. So that was nice.

Then I text my friends, who didn’t reply for ages, and then said ‘they weren’t in’ although the guy I had been talking to had seen them. What a way to make a girl feel loved, eh?!

We went for coffee, did a little shopping, y’know yourself. Headed off to Plugd for a gawk, but it was super busy, and Aisling rang me telling me they were going to Amicus, so we all went for paninis together. Quite nice. I returned to Plugd then to decide between Arcade Fire and The National, although I had to take Arcade Fire because funds were insufficient to purchase The National. Soon though. There were savage cupcakes on offer in Plugd too, in cute paper cases and with amazing blue icing and sprinkles. A list-of-the-decade-topping album, a delicious cupcake, an amazing vibe, a live DJ set, and a nice chat, all for €13. What more could one want?

From there we headed over to Peace Park that has been turned into a ‘Winter Wonderland’ by Franc/Peter Kelly. The queue was ridiculously long, but moved quickly, and I had my herby lollipop from The Hemp Company to keep me happy. And then we went home.

And now I’m here, listening to Funeral, and wondering what to do.

Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)


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3 responses to “Today I bought…

  1. You clearly have excellent taste in music 🙂

  2. Heh heh! Thanks..yours mustn’t be too shabby either if you like Arcade Fire / The National 🙂

  3. Thanks 🙂 we’re a small but select crowd!

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