Early mornings and long days

I don’t like culchie buses. In fact, I don’t like any type of bus. But rural buses are alot worse than city buses. So when I have a day off (like today) but my parents have work, I get a lift with one of them as far as a ‘city’ bus stop and end up being the first teenager in town. I think I hold some sort of record. Not that I live in the middle of nowhere, far from it to be fair. It takes 4 minutes in the car to get me to a bus stop, but that 4 minutes of road is a little too treacherous to walk or cycle.

So this morning I was in town at 9am. It’s not as bad as it sounds, I swear. I just sat in my favourite coffee shop from 9am til 11am, then decided I had just about outstayed my welcome and left to go to the GPO and post my mother’s Christmas cards. I just avoided developing frostbite as I crossed the bridge and down Oliver Plunkett Street. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see the GPO. After that little sojourn was complete, off I went to Plugd for a sconce around, stopping en route to chat to a few friends who were collecting for SHARE. My excuse for not being so socially aware is that I had forgotten to wear my Uggs. Pumps are not a sensible choice in -3.5 degree weather. There were icicles, yes ICICLES, hanging from the fountain on Grand Parade.

Plugd was nice. The door was closed ‘cos it was so cold, which gives the place a nice homely feel. I bought a CD, which I want, but is going to be used as the Christmas present for the ‘rents, and also bought Albert a coffee. And gave him my copy of The Cork News so he can frame my quote..

I bought a pair of shoes in Dunnes, black pumps with studs and sequins, and met up with my friends. More coffee followed, along with personal cake recommendations from one of the ‘baristas’ in Coffee Roasters. Back to Plugd for more Christmas shopping, and the like. Tried on 3 skirts in Topshop.

First one isn’t online, so no pics, but here’s the other two:




(For some reason I can’t make those links look pretty so you’ll have to make do.)

Well any opinions? Tried both on with grey tights and aforementioned pumps, along with my grey jacket. Can’t decide which on though…

Then my mother text me and told me to come home so I couldn’t ask my friends who were with me either. And the bus driver was mean to us when we asked for halves. Then he drove ridiculously fast over the ramps on College Road and I thought I was going to die.

Also I should be at a ‘drowling’ party now. ‘What’s drowling?’ I hear you ask.. None other than drunk bowling. Check that shit…

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