Birthdays and Christmas Eves..

Yes, my house does look just like this right now..

Well, one of each actually. ‘Twas the ol’ birthday yesterday, hence the lack of blogging. That’s my excuse anyway. I just went to town with the mother and did some Christmas shopping. Town was really quite stressful. I can honestly say I hate HMV. It was packed. Absolutely packed. You couldn’t browse for music and films and such, but just queue up. I hate that shop for personal reasons, so I searched everywhere for red Skullcandy earphones, but to no avail, so I ended up buying them there, along with being asked to buy a Michael Bublé CD by a man for some young boy who was there with him but wasn’t his. I didn’t. It was weird.

I then purchased various other Christmas presents, and met my friends for coffee. Eventually at 3.20pm I decided to check if the Motor Tax office was open so I could go get all licensed up, so I asked in Coffee Roasters for a phonebook but they didn’t have one. The guy there was so nice and he went to look it up on the computer for me but I was like nah I’ll just call 11811. ‘Sall good! But then when I did get through I was told the Tax Office was closing at 4, so realistically a bus would not get me out there on time if I had to get my photo taken beforehand. So I rang the rents, but they were no use. But when I was standing outside on the phone my aunt drove past and gave me €7 out the window for coffee. How bad.

I got lots and lots of nice Happy Birthday texts, aswell as some FB Wall action, and a few face-to-face greetings too. We were sitting in the window of Coffee Roasters talking away when someone stopped outside the window, waved at me, then mouthed ‘Happy Birthday’ through the window. It was Toby, home for Christmas, and it made me smile. He was with his mother so I couldn’t go out/him come in to have a chat, but the fact that he remembered when he saw me was nice. I know birthdays come up on FB and all, but I still wouldn’t have remembered to say Happy Birthday to him if I had seen him around on Monday. I think.

My friends got me lovely presents. Aisling made a really pretty box in my favourite purple colour, with Happy Birthday written on the front in beads and buttons and ribbons and the like. Inside was a navy and green scarf from Topshop, a purple purse from Topshop, Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’, the DVD ‘Once’, and  Adrian Crowley’s album ‘Long Distance Swimmer’ from my favourite shop in the whole world, Plugd Records. And on the back of the album cover, is two little messages from Jim and Albert of Plugd. I love it so, so, so much. Thank you, my amazing friends 🙂

And there’s my Chriscringle present and another little birthday present to come today, if we ever manage to get into town with this fecking ice/snow and lack of buses. Ugh.. Aisling and I are supposed to be going buskin an’all..

My mum’ll expect me to ‘help’ around the house today. The plans are to go to Tralee to my mum’s family tomorrow morning but who know’s what will happen if the roads are dodge. We also have to find a babysitter for the three dogs, four hens and one fish, and one of the doggies is a bit sick so I don’t really want to leave him. He has a very bad stomach, poor pet. 😦

Birthdays and Christmas make you realise who your real friends are, and who the nicest, most thoughtful people are if circumstances mean that being friends just isn’t possible…


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