The day after Stephen’s Day..

I hate it. It’s always the day we come home from Christmas in Tralee and it’s one of those awful days spent packing and travelling. It’s not like I was mad to stay in Tralee or anything. Aside from the fact that it isn’t the greatest of towns, I hate being away from home and not having your stuff with you. Stupidly enough, I left my ‘packing’ ti five minutes before we ran out the door, when I threw some random clothes and my straightener into a big H&M carrier bag. Yes I am very unprepared.

Even if you do have everything with you, you still have to go rooting through your bag to find whatever you want. And another thing about staying with someone else is that you don’t really have your own space. Whereas we slept in my aunt’s house, we spent the days and evenings in my grandmother’s house so it was a bit all over the place. And I didn’t have a bedroom in the gaff where we were most of the time. Fourteen people with only a kitchen, a living room and a dining room means it’s a bit of a tight squeeze when it comes to soap watching time.

Speaking of which, don’t you just want to shoot the television? I know I am probably one of very, very few teenagers who would agree with this statement, but I am not a television watcher. So having to sit down and watch hours upon hours of people with British accents fighting over the turkey is something I dread.

My dad tried to drive home yesterday to feed the dogs and hens and whatnot, but couldn’t get out of Killarney because the road was closed due to the TREACHEROUS conditions. See how even more dangerous they sound when capitalised? So he rang my cousin who said he’d go out once he’d dropped my other nana to A&E because she broke her wrist on the ice. Thanks Owen for doing all that. 🙂

One of the doggies is very sick. He’s the newest addition to the family and has been getting sick for a few weeks. We changed his diet, and that helped for a little while, but then he started getting sick again. So the we got drugs from the vet, but still no use. He’s gotten so thin now and is always really tired and we’re so worried about him. Vet tomorrow morning bright and early though, so fingers crossed.

Town tomorrow for a peep round the shops, a coffee and a chat. Home’s nice too.


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