2009: Month by Month in Photos

January - Dublin

In January, we took a little trip to Dublin, disguised as a visit to the Young Scientist in order to take a day of school too. That was a nice day.

February - Paris

February entailed a nice trip to Paris with school. I fell in love with a city and felt close to a certain person. It’s a beautiful place. Je l’adore.

March - Work Experience

March brought adventures into the world of work, with me spending a week hanging with the surfer/skater kids in Tubes, and then rubbing shoulders with the legal eagles in the courthouse. (Only pic taken from Google Images because I have feck all photos from March.)

April - Coolaboola gig

April brought with it the first Coolaboola gig of 2009 featuring Alterosa, Daithí Ó Drónaí and Spitvalve @ the Pavilion . April also had magazine awards in TCD, hiking through mountains to Kenmare, and the musical, Chicago, with yours truly as Miss Velma Kelly. [Pic – Brendan Canty]

May - Coolaboola gig #2

May saw us bringing Delorentos to Cyprus Avenue, supported by the mighty When Good Pets Go Bad and the Truffle Shuffles. May also entailed a few summer exams, and then the glorious holidays.

June - Cork Midsummer Festival

In June, I spent my days behind a sound deck with a theatre project called Out of Order, created and directed by my two favourite Belgians, as part of Cork Midsummer Festival. June led us down to Bandon also for BandonMusicFest where we saw the one, the only, MUNDY! I also got a job. Selling scratch cards on the street. Moving on… [Pic – Sinéad O’Brien]

July - Cannes

My favourite part of July was Kinsale Arts Week with all it entailed, but then the dream was shattered and two days after it finished I had to board a plane and fly off to the South of France with the rents and the brother. Death.

August - Surfing

There were a few nice trips to Garrettstown for surfing in August, along with a KAW reunion/party thing which was nice. And we got our new puppy Zico! ❤

September- Mooosak!

September brought us back to school. I started this blog, and my friends and I formed a band. Ha!

October - Coolaboola gig #3

October brought Daithí Ó Drónaí back to the Pav, supported by Fizzy Make Feel Good and guests from Argentina. October also witnessed many free gaffs, including my few days staying in my friend’s house with her while her parents were in Paris. And Halloween just squeezed it into October too. Not a bad month at all at all.. [Pic – Brendan Canty]

November - Cork floods

The rains came bigstyle in November, flooding everywhere from Inniscarra Dam to the city centre. Water was cut off to a large part of the city also. And there was one very memorable party…

December - Plugd Records

December was lovely and horrible all in one. It brought Christmas and my birthday and presents and Christmas Eve. But it also brought the news of Plugd’s closure, and the final shutting of its doors on the last day of the year. December saw the final time our Zico closed his eyes, icy roads, and the ringing in of a new year.

It’s been a good one. So long, 2009.


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