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Nice weekend

Just some ofmthe things we consumed last night..

Just some of the things we consumed last night..

I think my lack of posting here kinda shows I’m a bit busy at the moment. All the same I like the calm of a Sunday morning. There’s nowhere to rush to, nothing major to do; you can just take a break. Then again, this all changes at 7pm when you realise you should really start your homework. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Friday was nice. Tennis started again and it was so good to play again. My lungs nearly exploded at the end of the fitness section, which made me realise just how unfit I’d gotten over Christmas. My 12-year-old brother was playing my 17-year-old friend, and the child won. It’s kinda shit for the teenager being beaten by that little squirt for the last place on this new squad, but the child must be good, and that’s life.

It was up early for me on Saturday for Maths in UCC, which really wasn’t so bad. The lecturer we had is pretty amusing and he showed us this really cool thing about the last digit of the ISBN number on books and how you can calculate it by using this modulus thing. And he’s a man after my own heart with his need for coffee or else he can’t think.

We walked to town then, stopping along the way to take various photos for the magazine: the gates of UCC, the Glucksman, the Vault closed due to flooding, Café Depeche, the Kino, the courthouse. Then we met the others and wandered around taking pictures of coffee hangouts for Caroline’s article which tells you what kind of person you are based on what coffee shop you hang out in. It’s funny, only because it’s so true..

Then ourselves headed to Cork Coffee Roasters, where Hannah almost broke another plate. It was busy but nice and the staff were chatty and the coffee was good, the brownies amazing too. We talked about various stuff, including family holidays and our intense loathing for them, and what our favourite day ever was. I had a few.

Botch and I then went to the library while the others went to Topshop or somewhere. We were looking for a book on the old mental asylum in Cork for an article I’m writing for the magazine. Upstairs we went into the reference library, wandered through the shelves holding the books of the Irish Constitution, and finally found our way up another narrow stairs to the Local Studies room. All the cabinets were locked but the man working there knew exactly where the book I wanted was. We sat down at this table, the man opposite us poring over a huge book of sorts with old, yellowing pages, and leafed through every page.

Just as we finished up, the lights were turned off, and it was quarter past five. Fuck knows how long we spent in there. Stress ensued as I replied to texts, answered calls from my dad asking was I coming home, where I was blah blah blah, but then got a lift home with Hannah.

Had dinner, went to mass. I kind of enjoyed mass. It was the first time I was in the church since it’s been completely revamped and it’s really rather nice. There was an article about it in the Examiner last weekend I think, and I wanted to have an ol’ sconce. The new walls and windows and pews are lovely, and the stone floor is so much nicer than whatever was there before. The ceiling and altar are nice and modern too. I think attendance has increased with this new, comfortable church as a lot of the seats were full, so I went and sat on my own, and I liked it. I mean, it’s not like I listen to what’s being said but I like just sitting there and thinking. It’s not often you can do that without having something else you should be doing.

Then we went to Aisling’s house for Roses, coke, gin, exercise equipment, and the mighty book of answers. Really, really nice evening. Happy happy happy. 🙂

And if you actually made it this far, well done!


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I’m on Formspring here and I’d love if you’d pop over and ask me a question. 🙂

You can now stalk me and find out everything about my life. What fun!

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The Future of Media

Newspapers have always played an integral role in the reporting of news in years gone by. As the primary source of news, newspapers were a vital aspect of everyday life, and were usually the first outlet to deliver news stories to civilians.

As radio and television came to the fore, newspapers took a step back. Still though, most people comtinued to buy a daily or weekly paper. There are numerous Irish newspapers in operation today on both a local and national scale. They have huge offices, employ hundreds of people from journalists to photographers, graphic designers to reporters, and are a powerful force in Irish media.

Today, however, many newspapers are struggling due to a change in the way we source our news. Whereas once before newspapers delivered breaking news stories, these events are now reported on television and radio long before they ever reach the front page of a national publication.

A new phenomenon being witnessed is that of real time news via the Internet. Recent news stories such as the Iranian elections, Michael Jackson’s death and the earthquake in Haiti are perfect examples of how media is changing. You don’t just have professional journalists, photographers and TV crews in the area, but also local people, spreading their knowledge through the medium of websites such as Twitter.

Twitter has become infamous in the past couple of years, and is a widely exploited resource for individuals and companies alike. In the last Irish general election, results were first posted on RTE’s twitter page, providing up-to-the-minute content for the world to see. Anyone can post a message on Twitter, and because of this, it is difficult to sort out the reliable from the timewasters.

So therein lies the question. Each one of us has at our hands access to more information than our grandparents could have thought possible. The problem we face is trying to find the good, and reject the bad. Mark Little, an Irish journalist, has taken a year out from his position as host of RTE’s Prime Time to focus on a digital media and global journalism project that aims to deliver to us reliable news as it happens. An avid Twitterer, Little is convinced that the Internet has changed media forever.

One has to contemplate what lies ahead for traditional media outlets. In 2008 The Irish Times made its articles available for free online, along with a real-time news feed. Is this the future for print media? With online news sources gaining more popularity, the stories in newspapers may be viewed as history due to the time constraints they are under to get the newspaper printed.

The younger Irish generation will not be willing to pay for news if they can obtain it for free online. I read daily, and therefore have no need to read any newspaper my parents may buy. I regularly hear breaking news stories long before my parents, who rely on television, radio and newspapers.

There is no doubt that the way we source news is changing. The burning question is whether or not this will lead to the demise of the traditional print media. Personally, I believe there will always be a need for reliable sources of news. There’s nothing like having a physical copy of a newspaper to flick through, and reading not only the news stories, but comments and analysis on a wide range of topics including society, education, and life. Who knows what lies ahead; we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Neglect, magazines, and design.

I am so neglectful of my poor blog recently. Many reasons, one being this:

Cover for our magazine, 'Snap!'

This is what I spent my evening doing. All done in Photoshop seeing as InDesign disappeared on me. Just a very, very rough draft, but deadline is two or three weeks so we need to get started.

More soon.

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As much as I hate the stuff, due to my now being stranded as the roads are apparently too dangerous, it is quite pretty. However, I couldn’t even take and decent photos because a teacher has my memory card, so I had to make do with a stoopid phone. You get the idea.

My snowman!

Our lovely snow-covered lane. Grr...

Some lovely snowy twigs.

Me fadder's car..

Bitta the garden..

Wow. How lovely.

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Now, now children…

The Lough, Cork. (Pic by BMurr,

That’s the Government for you. I have now experienced this so-called ‘nanny state’. I get why they have to protect the safety of the country’s citizens and not waste emergency resources and Garda time and all that. I do. I probably get that more than a lot of other people my age.

I don’t get why they had to ruin my fun. ‘Fun? Fun? Is that what you call it?’ I hear you cry. Well, here’s a crazy idea, yeah, I do believe it’s fun.

In my 17 years on this planet, the Lough in Cork has never frozen over to the extent where people can actually walk on it. I’ve heard about how it froze over before my time. I even remember my Granda telling me his own childhood stories about how he went out skating on the Lough one winter. I thought that story was so magical. In my head it was like one of those scenes from a Christmas card; one of the ones that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Wow, I can’t believe I just said that.

Anyway, finally The Big Freeze comes, something I hope to tell the kids and grandkids about one day, and along with it, it brings a frozen Lough. YaY, right? Wrong. Before we can enjoy this rare event, the Council go out with a JCB and smash up the ice around the edges. Now what happens is it freezes again around the edges, only now the ice is a hell of a lot thinner, but people will still be lured out to the thicker ice towards the centre. Person steps on edge of ice, and crack, splash and aagghhhh! This is exactly what they were trying to avoid, and now look what they did?!

I accept that I am just bitter about the fact that I didn’t get out on the Lough soon enough. The smashed up Atlantic Pond too. My only hope now is the lake/pond in Fitzgerald’s Park, but shhh, don’t tell anyone..

I always have the pond in my front garden with 6 inches of ice if all else fails. Sorted.

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Awful, but funny!

Heh heh heh…

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