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Magazine Magazine Magazine!

For a week I didn’t leave this laptop. InDesign and Photoshop were a permanent feature on my screen. There were many stressful phone calls to printers and emails flying to and fro. But it’s all paid off in the end!

Today I finally held in my hands a copy of the magazine that I so painstakingly designed and put together, along with a few words written by myself too. And I have to say I am quite pleased with it. Apart from anything actually contained in the magazine, the paper is far superior this year. For €200 less than last year’s magazine (which was in fact a little smaller) we got it on lovely glossy paper and the colour came out really well. So here’s a shout out to KWP Print in Carrigaline and to Niamh there who put up with our numerous calls and emails about bleed lines!

So it’s in the post, and on the way to the Irish Times where it shall be judged, and hopefully,, we’ll be getting a nice trip to Dublin in April for all the hard work.

Here’s the cover, but I’m not giving any more away… 🙂

The cover


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What I missed...

Today, round about lunchtime the first part of the line-up for Oxegen 2010 was announced.

It was really rather amusing in school, as one friend of mine skipped class to sit in the bathroom listening to Cormac Battle via her phone. Having said that, this was really just so she’d miss Irish as opposed to her having any interest in what acts were being announced.

At lunch time, everyone was at it. There were phones out all over the place as everyone frantically disregarded the fact they were using up ridiculous amounts of credit and logged on to Facebook, Twitter,, or even I heard. I got my first glance at the line-up when a friend logged on to Facebook, and I was surprised to say the least.

Eminem. That shocked me. And not in the good way. I really don’t know why. It puzzles me.

Anyway, along with Eminem they announced Muse, Jay-Z, The Black Eyed Peas, Kasabian, The Prodigy, Florence and the Machine, Paolo Nutini, Faithless, Stereophonics, David Guetta, Vampire Weekend, Mumford & Sons, John Mayer, Hot Chip, Calvin Harris, Newton Faulkner, Gossip, The Temper Trap, Empire of the Sun, Goldfrapp, La Roux, Wolfmother, Rise Against, The Coral, Broken Social Scene, Ellie Goulding, Two Door Cinema Club, Armand Van Helden, Steve Angello, Simian Mobile Disco, Erol Alkan, Steve Aoki, A-Track, Aeroplane.

So there you have it. There’s a few that stand out as ‘Yay I want to see’ but it’s the headliners that turn me off. Well Muse, cool, but compare Eminem and Jay-Z to last year’s Blur, Killers and Kings of Leon and I know which I’d have chosen. I think I kind of missed out last year. I remember looking at the poster in Plugd everytime I went in over the summer and pointing out all the acts I wanted to see. Not so much this year so far..

Florence, Vampire Weekend, Broken Social Scene, Two Door Cinema Club and Simian would be top of my list. And there’s always the remainder of the line-up which is being announced on March 8th I think. I guess I’ll go, if I have the money and if the ‘rents let me go. But if I was 18, I know I’d be choosing Electric Picnic. Still though, I guess it’s sort of a ‘coming of age’ thing and there are a good few bands I like alot, but I know my friends will probably want to be elsewhere. (Caroline I’d love if you’d come..)

At one point today actually, a girl in school said she had the line-up on her phone from the Oxegen site, and reading through it, it was simply amazing. I was jumping for joy (not literally). But then it began to sound all too familiar. It was, lo and behold, the 2009 line-up. So much for that.

So here’s to the festival season, eh?!


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I do get a few views on this blog, but it’s going to just stay shit forever unless I get feedback.

I set it up for myself, but I like writing and blogging, and it’s nice to think that someone out there is reading it. I don’t know what you like reading and what you don’t though; as amazing as I am I’m not telepathic.

It’s very personal at times, and I know that can be boring. So tell me. If you like a post, say it. Or if you hate it, I’d love you to tell me too. Agree with what I say, tell me I’m all wrong, or just say hi.

Promise I won’t bite!


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Sunday, Sunday..

I was tired. Very, very tired this morning. But the offer of coffee in Kinsale lured me out of bed, and there we went.

I had a cappucino and a scone in Café Blue @ the Blue Haven. Their scones are so damn good..

Then we went to the beach by Dock where I took out the camera for my amusement.

The sign on the wall, in case we got lost..


A wooden wall..

Slimy, seaweed-covered rocks..

Slán leat..

Then I came home and tried to do some homework…


…but ended up taking out my purchases from Plugd, sorry, Cork Tickets, and playing the TV on the Radio album and doing this:

I heart music.

After that I played Mick Flannery’s ‘White Lies’ a few times. I love his voice. He’s playing the Pav next Friday which is now sold out, but he’s doing an All-Ages on Saturday and I shall be there with bells on. He’ll be playing the White Lady in Kinsale at the end of March. Go check him out… (wink  :P)

Then the boredom escalated so I started snapping myself.

My clothes, believe it or not..

How lovely.

And just now I had some of these amazing mini banoffee pies that my mum made.

Mmmm... 🙂

I’d say I’ll be taking over from yer man with the Good Mood Food blog any day now with photos like that 😉

And now, to leave you with a nice photo that shows my usually-well-hidden emo side..


..while I try and figure out how to diffrentiate and personally respond to Robert Frost.

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People, and how I miss them

This started out as a post entitled ‘Le Weekend’ and I was going to give a rough outline of my weekend, along with photos but I didn’t have it in me to write it.

All I can think about is how much I miss people. I had such a good weekend. Yesterday evening I was so, so happy, and now there’s all this shit on my mind and I can’t even make sense of what it is. I feel like I’m missing someone, like I’m growing apart, like I love someone. I don’t know.

I know who I miss. I saw two of them today. I saw another one of them on Wednesday.

The today people are so cool. So amazingly lovely and funny and the best. And it’s cool with them, except I don’t get to see them as often as I like. One of them never fails to make me smile. Ever. And we can talk for ages and I always feel so happy after. But I don’t get a chance for these chats as often anymore.

The other person, from Wednesday, I don’t even know anymore. I’m building it up to be something it’s not, but I can’t help it. Being away from the person is hard, and I’m over-thinking everything and I wish I could stop. It’s nothing. That’s the worst part. I know it’s nothing but I’m not acting that way.

But this is probably all just because I’m super tired seeing as I didn’t get to sleep til 5am this morning.

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This looks nice..

All I want is love.

I just want that feeling again. That utterly crazy, scary, happy, amazing feeling. I want to spend every day with that person and I want to feel like we’re made for each other.

It’s a pity dreams are dreams, and reality is reality.

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“What happens in houses behind closed doors…”

– Miss Maudie, To Kill A Mockingbird

What do you ever really know about a person? Seriously, when you think about it. You think you know everything about your best friend, but surely that’s a naive thought. Everyone has secrets, some bigger than others. There’s stuff you’ll never tell your friends, unintentionally perhaps, but there’s always a reason.

Then there’s the things you don’t tell family members, that only your friends know. I guess all this leads to the question, are you the only person who truly knows yourself? Even at that, you need to ask yourself alot of questions and do some searching before you’ll ever begin to know yourself.

The other day someone made a comment about a family member of mine, which may have been a little accurate on the surface, but it made me laugh. It made me laugh at the person’s naivety for making a judgement about a person they didn’t know at all. It was also quite a hypocritical comment, but that’s for another day. I know we’re all prejudiced and judgmental, but I realised how you can never think you know someone. How do you know that someone’s private life isn’t completely different to the facade they put on for the world? Not necessarily a bad thing. Some secrets have to stay secret, and an outer veneer is often the only way to protect that information from the world.

You look at a person; you think you know them, and to a large extent, you do. What’s more interesting though, is what you don’t. What exactly is that person hiding? That friend who seems so strong, is there a reason they seem so knowledgeable about life? That relation who snaps at everything, everyone; what’s up there?

I think we need to be a bit more tolerant of people. To be honest, if I ever write that post on hypocrisy, I have a feeling I might link back to this. I’m not a tolerant person, and yet here I am, asking others to be tolerant. Ironic. How can you blame others though, for just trying to deal with their own lives, their own secrets…

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