Fashion Rant #1

Pay attention to this!

I remember back in the day, and I am only seventeen so it’s not that long ago, when leggings were called footless tights. Now, I do realise that they may have added seams and joined two pieces of stretchy material, but mere seams do not give leggings the right to call themselves pants.

They are tights. There’s no way around it. That’s it.

Apart from the fact that they are extremely unflattering if worn as pants, they are just plain boring. There are trousers, jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses all out there, crying out to be worn, and yet people just go for the leggings.

If you are finding it that difficult to part with them, then try using them as pyjamas to ease yourself out of them. And even then, please put on a dressing gown before you answer the door. Long, long t-shirts are also acceptable I guess, or they could be worn under a dress or skirt, but tights generally look nicer.

But y’know, whatever floats your boat. Just remember you’re wearing tights.


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