What I missed...

Today, round about lunchtime the first part of the line-up for Oxegen 2010 was announced.

It was really rather amusing in school, as one friend of mine skipped class to sit in the bathroom listening to Cormac Battle via her phone. Having said that, this was really just so she’d miss Irish as opposed to her having any interest in what acts were being announced.

At lunch time, everyone was at it. There were phones out all over the place as everyone frantically disregarded the fact they were using up ridiculous amounts of credit and logged on to Facebook, Twitter, oxegen.ie, or even rte.ie I heard. I got my first glance at the line-up when a friend logged on to Facebook, and I was surprised to say the least.

Eminem. That shocked me. And not in the good way. I really don’t know why. It puzzles me.

Anyway, along with Eminem they announced Muse, Jay-Z, The Black Eyed Peas, Kasabian, The Prodigy, Florence and the Machine, Paolo Nutini, Faithless, Stereophonics, David Guetta, Vampire Weekend, Mumford & Sons, John Mayer, Hot Chip, Calvin Harris, Newton Faulkner, Gossip, The Temper Trap, Empire of the Sun, Goldfrapp, La Roux, Wolfmother, Rise Against, The Coral, Broken Social Scene, Ellie Goulding, Two Door Cinema Club, Armand Van Helden, Steve Angello, Simian Mobile Disco, Erol Alkan, Steve Aoki, A-Track, Aeroplane.

So there you have it. There’s a few that stand out as ‘Yay I want to see’ but it’s the headliners that turn me off. Well Muse, cool, but compare Eminem and Jay-Z to last year’s Blur, Killers and Kings of Leon and I know which I’d have chosen. I think I kind of missed out last year. I remember looking at the poster in Plugd everytime I went in over the summer and pointing out all the acts I wanted to see. Not so much this year so far..

Florence, Vampire Weekend, Broken Social Scene, Two Door Cinema Club and Simian would be top of my list. And there’s always the remainder of the line-up which is being announced on March 8th I think. I guess I’ll go, if I have the money and if the ‘rents let me go. But if I was 18, I know I’d be choosing Electric Picnic. Still though, I guess it’s sort of a ‘coming of age’ thing and there are a good few bands I like alot, but I know my friends will probably want to be elsewhere. (Caroline I’d love if you’d come..)

At one point today actually, a girl in school said she had the line-up on her phone from the Oxegen site, and reading through it, it was simply amazing. I was jumping for joy (not literally). But then it began to sound all too familiar. It was, lo and behold, the 2009 line-up. So much for that.

So here’s to the festival season, eh?!



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2 responses to “Oxegen

  1. Don’t worry about the headliners. The main stage is shit anyway. The tents and smaller stages are way more fun. And they’ll announce better stuff closer to the time.

  2. Yep.. All the stuff I like from last year is further down the poster anyway. I just hate forking out the money for the headliners when I’ll be staying miles away from Eminem đŸ˜›

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