Le Weekend

I know the weekend is all but a distant memory now, but better late than never.

Saturday was nice. I went into town with my mum in the morning and we met my aunt for coffee. Surprisingly enough, I had a hot chocolate as I’m not a huge fan of the coffee in this particular establishment.


Hot chocolate.. mmm!

Then we went to Opera Lane where my mommy bought me a grey dress in Topshop. It’s onr of those ‘skater dresses’, long sleeved, and plain grey. Then I went to H&M and bought myself an organic cotton t-shirt for a tenner. It’s turquoise and has a sort of numph-style design on the front.

I met up with my friends, and we headed to see Mick Flannery in the Pav. It was an all-ages gig, but apparently under 18s were supposed to be accompanied by an adult. Ticket prices were cheaper for under 18s aswell. There were these two guys in the queue ahead of us and I asked them ‘Will you be our parents?’ which led to some laughs and chat about them being just friends, and would surely only pass as our slightly older brothers. But we got in without any questions anyway.

The Pav had tables out on the floor and candles on the tables.

The floor and all the peoples..

The music was excellent and Mick was lovely. He’s shy and appears to be grumpy but is really rather funny.

“I’ve the stage presence of a sock. Not very useful in this line of business.”

Beautiful music 🙂

Mick and Yvonne

After the gig, they put the Ireland England match on upstairs, and Liam joined me, an the others left, and then we finally left the Pav when the match was at 13-13. We are true Ireland supporters indeed. Then Liam and I went shopping. Well more like Liam shopped while I held his stuff and gave some constructive criticism. He should have bought the cardigan in H&M, but went with the Cormac-esque jumper instead. Anyway.

That evening, I met my parents for dinner in The Brick Oven. Formerly Proby’s Bistro, it’s located on Sullivan’s Quay and looks lovely both outside and in.

The Brick Oven

The walls inside have loads of different style letters..

Crappy photo, but the ceiling has lots of different lampshades.

I had an amazing pasta dish with chicken, mushrooms and a cream sauce. With plenty of parmesan on the side, which I absolutely love. Their pizzas are fab too, and my dad actually commented how nice his steak was, and he meant it. Dessert was a delicious chocolate brownie sundae with warm brownies and ice-cream all together. Yum.

Sunday was Kinsale and homework. No surprise there.


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8 responses to “Le Weekend

  1. We interviewed Mick for a radio project actually and that line about the personality of a sock turned up in there. Though I think on this particular occassion is was a boot.. Must upload to my portfolio.

  2. That hot chocolate makes me want hot chocolate lots and lots right now. .

    So much, in fact, that I’m going to get off the computer and make some! Shocker!

  3. What camera do you use, actually?
    (I originally wrote do you use a camera, then realised that was a certifiably stupid question)

  4. Hehe! Hope you enjoyed the hot chocolate 🙂

    Ha! The brain’s probably just a bit worn out after the exams. It’s a plain ol’ Samsung 7.2 MP digital. Nothing fancy. Although I’d love to get a proper SLR at some stage.

  5. I did 🙂 I was inspired!

    I think so, definitely. Had a little nap in Economics today, did me the world of good!

    Your shots look really nice, I like them. I wish I was photographical. . or just more arty in general. How long ’til you don’t need ramdon parents if you don’t mind me asking?

  6. Naps are the best!

    Wow, thanks a million. The macro setting on the camera isn’t bad actually, so I like taking close-ups of food 😀 I’m not very arty, but I like graphic design and am trying to get a bit better at the photography. Photoshop’s a miracle worker too..

    December.. a bit to go yet..

  7. Aye, a bit to go indeed.

    Naps=SICK. In the English teenage slang way, ie good, not in our way.

    Yeah, it looks class, mine just messes up for anything closer than like 20cm, which is a little annoying.

    You plan on doing graphic design? Something creative I presume anyway?

  8. Had the most amazing nap ever on Friday before I went out. Did me the world of good.

    Not sure yet. I’m not doing Art for the Leaving so I’m thinking of something more media-oriented. Journalism is a possibility, but I want to do Irish aswell so I’ve a few options…

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