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Different types of people

This is something that I’ve always noticed. I guess this post is about stereotypes in a way, but that’s not the intention. And I know not saying what you wanted to isn’t very good writing, but this is more of a ramble from the heart, so you’ll have to make do.

Very stereotypical.. From St. Trinian's possibly?

Some people get ridiculously offended by stereotyping people, but I think it’s only natural. In a way it’s good. It gives you an identity of sorts. I know everyone is different and unique, but alot of what you do with your life has to do with what type of person you think you are. There are so many internal and external factors that shape you into who you are: Friends, family, where you live, music, what your parents do, how your parents act, TV, Internet, clothes, social scenes, and so on. When all these combine together, it makes you who you are. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

You become a person that fits in with some group somewhere, or maybe you ‘overlap’. I don’t see anything wrong with finding a group that you feel you belong in. Fair enough, labelling people isn’t great, but it has its uses. Even in business, with, say, marketing. People like like-minded people, so groups of similar beings are bound to form.

I think then, when you find a group, this group influences you even more, and you end up being a certain stereotype. This struck me today when I was talking to a friend about a certain person. Or two people perhaps. She said she ‘didn’t get’ his humour, and ‘wouldn’t like them at all now’. To me though, this person is very humorous, and I think they’re pretty cool. I like how they talk, I like what they wear, I like what the do, I like who they are. She just didn’t get that though. I always knew we wouldn’t go for the same type of person, but she didn’t seem to realise this until I spelled itout for her.

Although there is of course a good chance that this is all completely wrong and I’m just a narrow-minded teenager who wants to hang out with cool people and think I’m better than everyone else.

This is probably a very likely scenario.


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News, some good, some bad.

I guess the pretty obvious bad news that emerged today is that of the death of Gerry Ryan. We were coming home from school and my mum had to park at the end of the driveway because there were vans and stuff in the way. My cousin the builder was doing some stuff down there, and he said he’d gotten a text that Gerry Ryan had died. This was seconded my some other workman person whom I’ve never seen before. Then I came inside and saw it on twitter, then It’s a shock to say the least. I mean I didn’t listen to his show that often, what with school and everything. But there’s no denying that he was a huge part of Irish radio and media, and undoubtedly he will be missed. He’s an inspiration to me in certain ways, as he did law in college, but went on to work in media. Rest in Peace, Gerry.

On a brighter note, today we got word of the nominations for the Irish Times SchoolMag competition. We were supposed to have known by March 26th, but things got delayed, and finally we were told today that we have been nominated for three awards. An overall award, and award for design, and an award for my article on Plugd. I first posted that article here actually, and then changed it around and adapted it for the magazine. So I was particularly pleased with that one, but the design one too as I did do alot of that myself. So I was happy out today. However, I was unusually quiet at tennis, because I had read over my Plugd article again, and it made me miss the place even more.. I’m glad that I’ve gotten to voice my opinion about it though, and that someone’s taken notice and actually thought it was good. It’s true what they say though, you should write about what you know.

I got a nice message from a nice person today too. Nothing spectacular, but they were just doing a small favour for me, and talking to them brought back good memories, and made me look forward to some other stuff too. It’s weird how you don’t talk to someone for a while, but their personality is so strong it’s like you were only talking to them yesterday. Or maybe that’s just because the year has flown by. Perhaps a mixture of both.

I’m tired now, so I think I might leave the laptop. I wish we had more books in this house.

And apologies for the lack of pictures. I’m feeling lazy.

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Kinsale Arts Week 2010

Last year Caroline and myself managed Sounds on the Square as part of Kinsale Arts Week, so I’ve been waiting to see who’s on the line-up for 2010. So far, only the acts for the Charles Fort concerts have been announced.

  • Camille O’Sullivan will play on Saturday 10th July
  • Hypnotic Brass Ensemble are scheduled for Thursday 15th July
  • Bootleg Beatles take to the stage on Friday 16th July

Paul Brady @ Charles Fort, Kaw '09. Despite the lashing rain that day, the fans braved the elements and it dried up nicely, while we had fun singing along to 'The Island' in our fluorescent vests 🙂

Tickets for each of the shows in the fort are priced at €35, with a 10% discount on all tickets purchased before 30th of April.

The full KAW ’10 programme will be announced shortly. For more information visit the new-look website:

Looks like this one’s going to be a cracker..


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Family and stuff

The last time my dad’s side of the family had a big shindig was probably at my cousin’s wedding three years ago. I love that side of my family. My dad’s the youngest in his family, so the aunts and uncles are older on that side, meaning my cousins are at a pretty good age. Admittedly, they’re all older than me, but I think if they were all my age I’d hate them anyway. Apart from weddings and funerals, the whole family very rarely gets together. There were two or three birthday parties over the years aswell, but it’s nowhere near enough.

This was all brought on there by a visit from a cousin of mine who’s a builder with a science degree he doesn’t use. Anyway, he’s doing a bit of a job for us tomorrow and called over for the evening to look at our pillars and our puppy. He couldn’t get over how gorgeous our Ozzy was, and had a gawk at the hens (or the ‘chucks’ as he called them), along with the pillars. We played with the puppy, he had a pint, watched TV, and chatted in general. He’s one of those people who can tell a story well, so plenty of them were told.

I don’t know, I just think it’s kind of sad that I so very rarely see these people who I’m related to. We have a good laugh when we’re all together, especially when there’s alcohol thrown into the equation, so it’s not like we’re fighting or anything. We’ve no reason not to have more get-togethers, but we’re probably just all too lazy to give a fuck. I remember back at my Granda’s funeral when I was in first year there was talk of a family reunion that summer, which never materialised. Next thing on the cards is my brother’s confirmation in May anyway, but that’ll be a mixed affair, with both sides of the family present.

I see my mum’s family alot more frequently, probably due to the fact that all members are confined to two counties; Cork and Kerry. We head down to visit my aunts, uncle and nana fairly regularly, and they’d come up too. There’d be the odd visit to extended family in West Cork during the summer too. My dad’s family are scattered around Ireland, both North and South of the border, and one cousin living abroad with her own family aswell.

There’s not much point rambling on about it I know. Either I deal with it, or I organise something. I have been known to say ‘You choose your friends, not your family’ but I think the fact that you’re tied to your family without any choice makes that relationship alot stronger. If you have a fight with your friend, you can leave in an instant, but it’s alot harder to just dismiss a family member. You’re shaped alot as a person by your family, and what you perceive as ‘normal’ is, generally, what your family do. If I grew up in a different household, I would be completely different. So I think that if a group of people in your life have that much influence over you, then it’s important to keep in touch.

So go on, add your cousin or aunt or uncle on Facebook. Or maybe even go as far as giving them a call..

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London memories..

Took this last month as Caroline and I literally ran out of Tate Modern in London. We are so cool and cultured we went and admired some modern art while the rest of the group oohed and ahhed over a bridge that was in Harry Potter. Then again, coolness is relative. Of course we got distracted with the building and the amazing artwork, not to mention the gift shop, so we were a tad late returning. Completely worth it though, and the teachers thought we were great. Wow, we are cool.. 😛

Anyway, taken as I ran, processed a teeny bit in PS.

Tree-lined footpath

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Bitta photo action..

Sometime earlier this year I we did a photo shoot for the school magazine in the abandoned Our Lady’s mental hospital on the Lee Road in Cork. I was just rooting through old pics there, and did a few bits and pieces to this one in Photoshop and said I may as well share it with ye all..

The deserted East wing

Pretty freaky up there, and that was during the day.. Hell of alot of photos only waiting to be taken though.


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Sunday, Sunday..

I’m sure that’s been a blog post title before, but the creative juices are running quite low at the moment so it’s the best I can do. And you can probably also take a wild guess as to what the subject matter of this post is going to be about. Feel free to leave now; I can’t say I blame you.

As per usual, we headed to Kinsale yesterday morning, puppy in tow. Had a cappucino and a scone in the Blue Haven while Ozzie stayed in the car. One of the waiters working there sorta fell in love with the last dog so he asked had we gotten a replacement yet. He ended up out on the footpath giving Ozzie plenty of attention. That dog’s such an ice breaker. Need to capitalise on that while I can actually..

Puppy on the sand!

Then we headed off to the beach where Ozzie got plenty more attention. He got chased by kids, then chased said kids, and basically got awws wherever he went. While some other family had dognapped our puppy, I made my brother take a photo of me for this. I’m sure I didn’t look vain or pretentious at all..

N04/4535338339/” title=”SL274683 by ForeverAddictedToYou, on Flickr”>SL274683

Home, homework out the back in the sun, Hannah called over to see the puppy, we went playing tennis with Liam, I was class, kept getting such good shots and doing my glance back thing at Liam. No-on could deny my greatness yesterday though.

And then I came and didn’t learn an Irish essay on An Chéad Dráma. Even so, I was quite pleased with how that test went today actually..

Better post tomorrow, I promise!

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