Café Gusto, Cork.

From across the street..

I had a lovely evening here two nights ago with three lovely people. Gusto is located in Cork city centre at 3 Washington Street, and they also have a coffee pod on Lapp’s Quay Boardwalk. By day, Gusto offers coffee, sandwiches and other lunch-type options, as well as some tasty sweet treats! It’s handy to pop in and meet friends or just get a coffee to-go. In days gone by, when I used to spend hours upon hours next door in Plugd, Gusto was perfectly located. We could pop in if the Plugd folk were getting sick of us, monitor who was going in and out by sitting in the window, buy a coffee to go for someone if it was their birthday… the list goes on. And even though Plugd is all but a memory now, I still love Gusto.

And I love it even more on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday when they stay open late into the evening for bruschetta, mezze plates and fancy teas and coffees. You can have a glass of wine on the side too, but they also provide a BYO service where you bring your own wine to accompany your meal.

The rare sight of an empty Gusto

As nice as Gusto is during the day for lunch or a coffee, I love it alot more in the evening when they put the cushions out on the benches, and the nightlights are lit on each table. There’s such a lovely ambiance in there, yet it remains casual and relaxed. We took a seat at one of the tables in the middle of the floor first, as all the seats along the wall were full, but luckily one party left and we subtly snuck over and took their spot, although this move did not go unnoticed to the staff..

Myself and one other friend ordered the Moroccan Mezze Plate (€7.95) which included roasted aubergine and courgette, hummus, goat’s cheese and cous cous. It came served with plenty of warm pitta bread. The plate was beautifully presented, and it tasted even better. The remaining two in our group both had bruschetta (€4.95): one with salami, and one with chorizo, accompanied by a side of cous cous (€2.50). The food was made with good, fresh ingredients and we pretty much licked our plates clean. Not literally though, because one party member would probably have freaked had we tried that..

The atmospheric candles..

Once that was finished we began glancing sideways at the selection of desserts, and our most helpful server talked us through our options at our request. Two of us went with the chocolate fudge cake (€3.00) and another one of us ordered the lemon tartlet (€2.75) on the recommendation of the staff. Donal the chef’s secret recipe apparently! Teas and coffees complemented the desserts perfectly and we were nicely full as we wandered out onto Washington Street.

It's really rather lovely..

Go here. It’s damn nice is all I can say. I’m going back next weekend, see you there?

To have a look at the menu and read more about Gusto click here or visit them on Facebook.



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3 responses to “Café Gusto, Cork.

  1. I want to go there now 🙂

  2. Haven’t read this in ages.
    Just spent like half an hour catching up.

    Lovely 🙂 lovely lovely lovely.

    G’luck with the CAO by the way 🙂 it is indeed terrifying.

  3. Thank you very much missus! 😀

    Hope the studying is going well..

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