Sun sun sun!

The weekend arrived, and the sun came out! On Saturday I met C in town for breakfast, and then we headed over to the Lord Mayor’s Volunteer Fair in City Hall where I signed my soul away to various arts festivals.So that was fun. The I bought some pasta salad and tropical juice in Tesco and went off to the park. I took some summery photos, and it was a nice day. I have another post in the pipeline about something that happened there, but we’ll just go with the happy pictures for now.

My new Converse..

A daisy in the grass 🙂

Some of our shtuff..

The view from where we were..

More shtuff in the sun..

Everyone was out!

And one last view of the river.

The park is so amazing when the sun shines. Everywhere is really. It’s probably because it’s such a novelty for us, and then everyone’s mad happy and has to go out to catch the rays. I like it!


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