Record Store Day

Record Store Day

It’s just past midnight so I can officially say that it’s now Record Store Day 2010. Happy Record Store Day to all music fans out there, and possibly even more importantly to non-music fans. This year, I won’t be able to celebrate what was possibly the best holiday of last year. Since New Year’s Eve 2009, Cork is no longer home to an independent record store. When Plugd Records closed, a little part of the city’s culture and music scene died too.

Now it’s 2010, and exactly a year on from my first RSD, all I can do is reminisce. I’m not going to pretend that I was Plugd’s biggest customer, but I can honestly say that Plugd changed my attitude towards music. It’s true that there’s a sense of the whole thing being more than just a record store, and there’s no doubt that you get alot more from purchasing a CD or vinyl in a shop instead of downloading MP3s. Quality aside, there’s just this feeling you get when you have to set time aside to go into your record store, talk to people, look at album covers, album sleeves, and just have a root through the shelves. Parting with money makes you realise that the music you now have is valuable, and it’s something to be enjoyed. Download an album and you might never listen to it, but generally you’ll appreciate the album you paid for a hell of alot more.

Among the vinyl..

Of course I still download bits and pieces, but it’s even harder now to curtail my downloads seeing as all we’ve left is HMV and Golden Discs. And after over a year of a far more personal shopping experience in Plugd, I’m not prepared to go back to HMV. I’m rambling alot, and I don’t really know what I want to say, because it’s late, and I’m tired. I’d a long day, and in other unrelated news, we got a puppy today! Black lab, he’s adorable.. So my energy’s been taken up with other things.

Seriously though, if you do get a chance, call into your local record store for Record Store Day, or any other day. RSD doesn’t mean that this Saturday’s the only day worth visiting; every day is a good day for calling in, hearing new music, meeting new people, and perhaps parting with a few pounds.. It’ll be worth it, I promise.



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2 responses to “Record Store Day

  1. Good Ramble. I recently moved to Portland, OR and LOVE the fact we have Record Stores. Jackpot Records is one I frequent. We also have Millennium Music, and Everyday Music, along with tons others. Not trying to rub it in, sorry if I am, but just trying to say Record Stores shall live forever!! Thanks for the heads up, and congrats on the puppy.

  2. No, I’m delighted to see people celebrating their record stores. If everyone was as enthusiastic as you record stores would have far fewer problems financially.

    And thanks for reading 🙂

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