Puppy puppy puppy!

So you may have noticed that I’ve gotten a new puppy, bring the grand total of canines in the house to three. My dad arrived home on Friday evening with the little floppy puppy trotting along beside him. We knew he was going to look at a dog, but thought we were going to have to wait another 4 weeks for him to be weaned. So he was quite a surprise.

He remained nameless until yesterday evening really when we decided on Ozzie. Or is it Ozzy. I’m not quite sure. He’s so small and soft and playful and sleepy. And he seems to like the camera alot; so much so that he pounces at it while I try to photograph him, making non-blurry photos quite difficult. But here’s a few for the time being..


Sleepy puppy!

Protective puppy!

Small puppy!

Playful puppy!

I love my puppy!

He is my new obsession. Expect many, many photos over the coming weeks.. 😛

Oh and he’s a black Labrador in case you didn’t know!



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3 responses to “Puppy puppy puppy!

  1. wika57

    HorRay ^__^ i have been waiting for this puPpy PosT
    love the photos takes as much as you can while he is small they grow up so fast
    im so proud of you for getting a Black lab only cool people get labs and scientists =P
    so y ozzie ??? is it cause he is austrailian cause if he is does that means he sleeps during the day and is awake at night >?????
    my fav line in the blog is (((he’s a black Labrador ))) xD well duh
    i especially love the pic playful puppy and protective puppy ^_^ and the first one with the cool discolouring is ePIc

  2. Oh Ian you make me laugh 😛

    I know, black labs are THE coolest. And I am so scientific after all. Or is it that cool people get scientists as pets..? Hmm.. Our doggies should be friends! Bring Jasper to the park some day… =P

    I’m not sure where Ozzie came from. Athough I did have a teddy bear called Ozzie when I was little. He’s Irish through and through though. From Cashel. Middle of bogger land like.

    Well that line was only for stoopid people who wouldn’t know =P

    And thank you!

  3. wika57

    lol bringing jasper to the park not so much of a good idea xD i would lose him in the river
    also he is like in love with every dog he sees and i think he would treat you puppy as a play thing and destroy it but if yopu ever feel like cleanning up pieces of your dead puppy cause jaspers fat ass sat on him =P call me and jasper we will be happy to help

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