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The last time my dad’s side of the family had a big shindig was probably at my cousin’s wedding three years ago. I love that side of my family. My dad’s the youngest in his family, so the aunts and uncles are older on that side, meaning my cousins are at a pretty good age. Admittedly, they’re all older than me, but I think if they were all my age I’d hate them anyway. Apart from weddings and funerals, the whole family very rarely gets together. There were two or three birthday parties over the years aswell, but it’s nowhere near enough.

This was all brought on there by a visit from a cousin of mine who’s a builder with a science degree he doesn’t use. Anyway, he’s doing a bit of a job for us tomorrow and called over for the evening to look at our pillars and our puppy. He couldn’t get over how gorgeous our Ozzy was, and had a gawk at the hens (or the ‘chucks’ as he called them), along with the pillars. We played with the puppy, he had a pint, watched TV, and chatted in general. He’s one of those people who can tell a story well, so plenty of them were told.

I don’t know, I just think it’s kind of sad that I so very rarely see these people who I’m related to. We have a good laugh when we’re all together, especially when there’s alcohol thrown into the equation, so it’s not like we’re fighting or anything. We’ve no reason not to have more get-togethers, but we’re probably just all too lazy to give a fuck. I remember back at my Granda’s funeral when I was in first year there was talk of a family reunion that summer, which never materialised. Next thing on the cards is my brother’s confirmation in May anyway, but that’ll be a mixed affair, with both sides of the family present.

I see my mum’s family alot more frequently, probably due to the fact that all members are confined to two counties; Cork and Kerry. We head down to visit my aunts, uncle and nana fairly regularly, and they’d come up too. There’d be the odd visit to extended family in West Cork during the summer too. My dad’s family are scattered around Ireland, both North and South of the border, and one cousin living abroad with her own family aswell.

There’s not much point rambling on about it I know. Either I deal with it, or I organise something. I have been known to say ‘You choose your friends, not your family’ but I think the fact that you’re tied to your family without any choice makes that relationship alot stronger. If you have a fight with your friend, you can leave in an instant, but it’s alot harder to just dismiss a family member. You’re shaped alot as a person by your family, and what you perceive as ‘normal’ is, generally, what your family do. If I grew up in a different household, I would be completely different. So I think that if a group of people in your life have that much influence over you, then it’s important to keep in touch.

So go on, add your cousin or aunt or uncle on Facebook. Or maybe even go as far as giving them a call..


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