Different types of people

This is something that I’ve always noticed. I guess this post is about stereotypes in a way, but that’s not the intention. And I know not saying what you wanted to isn’t very good writing, but this is more of a ramble from the heart, so you’ll have to make do.

Very stereotypical.. From St. Trinian's possibly?

Some people get ridiculously offended by stereotyping people, but I think it’s only natural. In a way it’s good. It gives you an identity of sorts. I know everyone is different and unique, but alot of what you do with your life has to do with what type of person you think you are. There are so many internal and external factors that shape you into who you are: Friends, family, where you live, music, what your parents do, how your parents act, TV, Internet, clothes, social scenes, and so on. When all these combine together, it makes you who you are. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

You become a person that fits in with some group somewhere, or maybe you ‘overlap’. I don’t see anything wrong with finding a group that you feel you belong in. Fair enough, labelling people isn’t great, but it has its uses. Even in business, with, say, marketing. People like like-minded people, so groups of similar beings are bound to form.

I think then, when you find a group, this group influences you even more, and you end up being a certain stereotype. This struck me today when I was talking to a friend about a certain person. Or two people perhaps. She said she ‘didn’t get’ his humour, and ‘wouldn’t like them at all now’. To me though, this person is very humorous, and I think they’re pretty cool. I like how they talk, I like what they wear, I like what the do, I like who they are. She just didn’t get that though. I always knew we wouldn’t go for the same type of person, but she didn’t seem to realise this until I spelled itout for her.

Although there is of course a good chance that this is all completely wrong and I’m just a narrow-minded teenager who wants to hang out with cool people and think I’m better than everyone else.

This is probably a very likely scenario.


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