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On Wednesday I started my summer exams. I had Monday and Tuesday off, so like any weekday I have off I listened to the radio for hours on end. It’s a little luxury in life that I rarely get to enjoy due to my being at school everyday, so listening to morning and afternoon radio is something of a rare treat for me. Oh the simple things..

So if I’m awake, I usually start with Ryan Tubridy at 9am, although very rarely am I up that early. As soon as he finishes up it’s over to TodayFM for 2 hours of Ray D’Arcy, followed by another Ray (of the Foley variety) until I realise that I really need to start studying and I eventually turn it off.

This is what we look like from above. Just we're wearing blue.

On both Wednesday and Thursday I finished up at 11:15. It’s the one thing I actually like about exams I guess. You’re in and out of school before the morning’s over, so there’s plenty of time for lounging around at home while everyone else is out. Whenever I have to feed myself, I never settle for a simple sandwich either. It always has to be something far more complicated, and must involve some from of heat energy. Our house isn’t the best for food supplies though, so I was relegated to the dry food stores press on two occasions, and had baked beans and a potato waffle. It was nice though. I hate the thought of beans, but together with a waffle they bring back memories of when I was four years old and it made me a tad nostalgic for the good ol’ days..

So eventually after all the cooking’s finished I’d start on a bit of study, interspersed with sessions on the Internet. Funnily enough though, I never got a chance to update the blog. Writing blogposts seems to be a big task, whereas I always say to myself I’m only going to check Facebook, Twitter and my email, and then head back to the books. But we all know that never happens.

Maths was on Wednesday. Wasn’t too bad. (c) parts were ok, but a good few tricky (b) parts.

English wasn’t the worst either. Timing was ok for me, but I hadn’t learned any quotes from Hamlet so my English teacher’s going to freak at me over that one. But I’d rather use my time to keep writing analysis instead of wasting time trying to recall some ridiculously nonsensical quote.. (Love you Shakespeare babes!)

Biology was alright, but way too many questions on bacteria, which I’d only briefly glanced over just before the exam. About an hour left at the end too, so I tried to sleep, but that’s surprisingly difficult in an exam hall I found..

Irish was probably my best so far. I predicted the poetry and prose perfectly, but that doesn’t mean I actually learned it. Still though, I managed to ramble on and make stuff up and probably wrote alot more than I would have had I learned something off by heart. Timing fairly tight though..

So I’m sure you found that lowdown on my exams utterly riveting, but there’s not a whole lot else going on right now, so you’re going to have to put up with my ‘exam diary’ so to speak. Only three left now though, so freedom is near!


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We’ll start with last weekend..

Ok, I know I’m always making excuses, but I genuinely didn’t realise how lazy I’ve been with the blog recently. Not that I even need to make any excuses or anything because it’s my blog and I can do what I want with it. But I love ye all so I don’t want you to think don’t care. Anyway, moving on..

Last weekend provided alot of blog material. I should have written about it back when it happened, but I kinda didn’t feel like it. I don’t know did I actually ever mention it, but I was staying with a friend last weekend while her parents were away. So naturally we decided to avail of the fact there were no parents around and invited a few people over to help us consume the litres and litres of alcohol. After an extremely dramatic race in my tights, standing on street corners, and a couple of lies, we managed to get away with it, and Friday was really a rather civilised night. ‘Twas grand, nothing major, just a few friends spending the evening together. Oh how times were easy..

Nightlights for prettiness!

We sat inside, then outisde, and once dusk arrived, I insisted on the addition of nightlights to create some atmosphere. It worked, but then again, my suggestions always work.. 😛

And after all that, everyone else left, and we went to bed. Next morning, I arranged to meet Lorna and Brendan and Caroline in Fellini’s on Carey’s Lane. I’d always passed, looked in, and commented we should go there sometime, but never got around to it until Saturday. It’s a really lovely place with pretty décor and a little vintage shop section with all kinds of interesting things. And the produce ain’t half bad either! On Brendan’s recommendation I got the muffin and it was served warm with melted chocolate drizzled over it. Mmm..! So we sat there for ages and chatted about this and that and it was lovely. 🙂

Oh! Nearly forgot! Just before Hannah and I went to get the bus, I had to go get a rosette for my brother for his Confirmation. And on my way I passed a busker who was surrounded by young ‘wans’. And I recognised him. Last June when I was out selling scratchcards on the street, I stopped him and he bought one and we chatted for a bit about my scratchcard-selling and his busking. I never saw him again, until Saturday. Had I had the time, I’d have stopped and re-introduced myself but I was in a rush home for dinner. It made me smile alot though, because he was just one of those people who’ve stuck in my mind.. I’ll see him again, I’m sure..

That evening, it was Ian’s 18th. And not just any 18th either, this was a Pokemon-themed 18th. Yes, we are so cool. I went as Dawn. Don’t ask me who she is either; it was Google who chose my costume for me.

The famous 'Dawn'..

Not that I looked much like her, apart from wearing a black dress and having the same colour scheme going on. But at least I made an effort. And to be fair, it was an excellent party, and very well stocked. Plenty of drink (to my detriment) and food, and the lovely Jasper too! Perhaps I went a tad overboard with the alcohol, but I was very merry and happy so there was no need to stop. And it’s not like I was going home so I didn’t need to be stone cold sober leaving either.

Although, as the night went on, I got drunker, the house got messier, and stuff got more complicated. But I didn’t mind, because it meant I had an excuse to escape from it all and tell Ian’s parents and their friends my life story and every single problem I’ve ever had. They are the coolest people ever. There was drama, but Caroline and Ian and I went for a nice peaceful walk, but had to turn around abruptly as our lift had arrived. And then the birthday boy sprained my finger. Which was so very nice of him.

The car journey home was fun. And then I went to sleep. when I next opened my eyes, my finger was twice the size it should have been. Attractive..

Sunday can be summed up concisely in one word: Hangover.


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Dublin trip!

I do realise it’s been an awfully long time since I last blogged, but I’ve been busy busy busy. Well it fells like that anyway, but I don’t seem to have done too much with all the time. Anyway, part of my busy-ness can be attributed to the ol’ trip to Dublin last Monday.

Ten of us, and one teacher, got the train to Dublin for the Irish Times School Mag awards ceremony. It was held in the Science Gallery in Trinity College. There was lots and lots of sandwiches, tea, coffee, Hunky Dorys (controversial!) and fruit. Because you have to provide fruit to make it look as though you encourage healthy eating. We had a look at the competition seeing as all the magazines were on display. Alot of good stuff there..

To cut a long story short, our magazine, Snap!, won three awards. We were runner-up in the Overall Magazine category, won an award for design, and I won an award for my article on the closure of Plugd. They showed this video of the judging process first, and the judges made comments on the magazines and whatnot. I think it was Louise Holden of The Irish Times mentioned three names as standing out for her writing-wise. One was mine. That was nice, very nice actually. I put alot of work into that magazine, and it makes it all worth it to hear professionals praise your work.

When it actually came around to handing out the awards Anthea McTiernan, acting editor of The Ticket supplement  of the Irish Times, spoke about my article again. She even went so far as to say I might have even covered the topic better than they did. She also said how I was clearly a customer and really got across the feeling of what Plugd was about. Apart from the fact that she was talking about my journalism skills, it was nice to hear someone say that who understood what Plugd was all about. And she told me to give them a call at The Ticket anytime. Although I probably couldn’t write about anything else like I did about Plugd.

On top of the lovely awards ceremony, we also got to go shopping, which is always a plus! We went to the usual places you go when in Dublin : Urban Outfitters, Topshop, American Apparel and so on. I got a cream vest in UO, and a navy dress in Zara for my brother’s confirmation on Monday. Possibly my favourite purchase though was The National’s new album ‘High Violet’ that I picked up in Road Records. The lovely Dave there gave me the poster for the album too, so I was well pleased. Only problem now is finding space for it on my wall…


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Bank holiday weekend: Monday

So on Sunday night we sort of decided to head to Killarney on the train the following morning. Enticed by very cheap train fares, and a longing not to end up in town again, we met at Centra at 10am and got the half 10 train from Kent. There’s something about trains that I just love. They’re my favourite method of transport actually. I love train stations, and how there’s different stops, and the nice blue-y windows, and the four seats together around a table, and your name overhead. Also, that Irish Rail marketing campaign with Craig Doyle a few years ago has stuck in my memory. Now, whenever I get on a train, I have an urge to listen to Rocky Took A Lover.

Me, not listening to Bell X1

We changed at Mallow, and finally got to Killarney station. Because it was right next door, we had a quick look in the Outlet Centre. I remember loving that place as a child. The thought of a load of new stuff from the Nike store was quite delightful, but now I find the thought of the place fairly revolting. How things change..

So we had a quick wander around to find somewhere to have lunch. Being the cheapskates we are, we decided on The Street Cafe. Sandwiches for €4.50. How bad.

Toasted Club Sanwich (I know the focus is all wrong, but I was hungry)

After lunch we had a nice wander around, just ‘getting our bearings’ I suppose. Although we didn’t call it that. I really wanted to feel like a tourist, so the next destination was the tourist office. I’ll admit I was impressed. It’s all clean and modern with these interactive screens and carpets with swirly designs. Apart from the fact that there were no maps of the town out on a stand, it was a pretty class tourist office. So we got details of a walk to Ross Castle and decided we’d try that. We called into Tesco first to get some munch, and set about reading the map.

First call landed us at the cathedral, which looks a bit like this. Very like this actually, because this is it.

Looking up..

And we took some self-timer photos outside of us all standing in a line looking like the Brady bunch.

Then we walked 2.4km through Killarney National Park to Ross Castle. It was actually a really lovely walk, and we saw deer!

Deer! 😮

We got to Ross Castle, discovered there was an entry free, walked around the free parts, and then sat out on the lake front, the castle behind us and ate food and drank Finches orange. The view being this:

Lake of Killarney..

There were more group photos, one taken by a random man, another put up on a wall again. We then set off on the 2.4km walk back, taking some outfit post photos en route:

I like the trees and branches.

Jacket : Vintage – Mercury Goes Retrograde

Top : Mango in Cannes

Skirt & Bag : Penneys best!

Shoes : Converse

I really like branches and trees and old stuff and rusty things and gates and messy complicated stuff. So this caught my fancy. It was a bit of a rush because we were all a bit wrecked and wanted to go for coffee. But I liked the gate.

Abandoned rust..

So then we went to this super cute place called Miss Courtney’s Tearooms. They had so many different types of tea, but because I’m so cool an’all I got an apple and raspberry juice. It too was savage. But I got to taste all the different types of tea that the others got, so best of both worlds.

The ceiling light.. so cute!

Tea and more tea..

Tea pots, cups and golden jugs 🙂

My photos really don’t do the place justice though.

Oh and then we rushed to the train. It was pretty full, but the journey back was lovely. I had hushed conversations with Aisling, ate Tesco flapjacks, and tried to avoid the small talk the lady opposite me was trying to engage me in. I know I’m mean, but there’s only so much you can say about your day in Killarney.

Killarney platform..

Then it was home to French homework. Oh the joys..

</weekend> (At last!)


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Bank holiday weekend: Sunday

I like Sundays. I like waking up a little hungover, and thinking about what happened over the weekend. I like going to Kinsale with my parents and the puppy. I like drinking coffee, and reading the Sunday Times, and going for a walk on the beach.

Big puppy!

Our little Ozzie is getting so big so fast! Here he is having fun covering my cashmere Topshop vest and vintage jacket in sand. But I love him so I don’t mind..

This is the jacket I was talking about in the last post. It’s from Mercury Goes Retrograde on Drawbridge Street in Cork. Search for them on Facebook” The jacket is made by an American clothing company called Pendleton. They still make clothes today, and when I found there website, I saw that today Pendleton jackets sell for between $200 and $250. So I’m very happy with my vintage purchase! It has a lovely purple lining too and I’d wear it forever if I could. Maybe I can…


After I got back from Kinsale I went down to the tennis club with my brother, Liam and Peter, but there was a tournament on so we all went home. Fun times.

Later on though, I went over to Aisling’s house because her parents were off in Dublin. So under the guise of a study session, I spent the day there drinking tea, and eating carrot cake and cheesecake. It was nice. And Aisling took some photos of me so ye could see what I was wearing. And I rather like her front door too..

Gazing into the distance..

Navy vest (barely seen) : Topshop

Other vest : Topshop

Jacket :  Mercury Goes Retrograde ❤

Jeans : Pepe Jeans

Shoes : Converse

And here’s another one, just because..

Totally natural..

I’ll do Sunday tomorrow, if I’ve time.


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Bank holiday weekend: Saturday

Long time no chat folks. Apologies, but the long weekend meant I went out a good bit with lots of lovely people. I might collapse on the keyboard if I had to do one massive weekend post, so I’m breaking it down into bitesize chunks. And contrary to what it may look like, this is not just an excuse to make one post into three.

I had a bit of a lie-in on Saturday morning. My mum was meeting friends for coffee, so I had to try and find some other way of getting to town. My cousins were over building a wall for us (they’re builders) and my dad decided to bring them for lunch in the pub, so naturally, I joined them. As the men tucked into their carvery lunches, I had the toasted special, and chatted with my favourite cuzzes.. 🙂

Then I headed into town and met my friends and sat downstairs in Topman and got bored and went to the new vintage store with Liam and bought an amazing vintage jacket and then went for coffee in the Pav with a few others and chatted to Keelan and drank a cappucino and then left. It was quite lovely.

Along came the outfit posts then..

Outift post #1

More o'the same..

And here’s what two of my friends were wearing, seeing as ye’re probably getting a bit bored of seeing me all the time..

Looking cool..

And then we decided to go for dinner in Gourmet Burger Bistro which was amazing. I got the blue cheese burger and it was possibly the best burger I’ve ever had. The other seven felt the same way. Lovely restaurant, good food, and friendly service.

Excuse the poor quality..

At dinner I also learned that my camera actually has an ISO setting. I never knew you could change it, but thanks to Barry I can now ISO it up all I want..

Then we argued over whether to go to Gino’s or Gusto. Gusto won, but not before Liam could stop off to get a scoop of cookies and cream. Pretty savage. And then we sat around drinking coffee and talking and making plans. We left, stopped by Daunt Square to have a look at the Mayday celebrations, and home to bed.

Day one of the weekend, done!


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