Bank holiday weekend: Saturday

Long time no chat folks. Apologies, but the long weekend meant I went out a good bit with lots of lovely people. I might collapse on the keyboard if I had to do one massive weekend post, so I’m breaking it down into bitesize chunks. And contrary to what it may look like, this is not just an excuse to make one post into three.

I had a bit of a lie-in on Saturday morning. My mum was meeting friends for coffee, so I had to try and find some other way of getting to town. My cousins were over building a wall for us (they’re builders) and my dad decided to bring them for lunch in the pub, so naturally, I joined them. As the men tucked into their carvery lunches, I had the toasted special, and chatted with my favourite cuzzes.. 🙂

Then I headed into town and met my friends and sat downstairs in Topman and got bored and went to the new vintage store with Liam and bought an amazing vintage jacket and then went for coffee in the Pav with a few others and chatted to Keelan and drank a cappucino and then left. It was quite lovely.

Along came the outfit posts then..

Outift post #1

More o'the same..

And here’s what two of my friends were wearing, seeing as ye’re probably getting a bit bored of seeing me all the time..

Looking cool..

And then we decided to go for dinner in Gourmet Burger Bistro which was amazing. I got the blue cheese burger and it was possibly the best burger I’ve ever had. The other seven felt the same way. Lovely restaurant, good food, and friendly service.

Excuse the poor quality..

At dinner I also learned that my camera actually has an ISO setting. I never knew you could change it, but thanks to Barry I can now ISO it up all I want..

Then we argued over whether to go to Gino’s or Gusto. Gusto won, but not before Liam could stop off to get a scoop of cookies and cream. Pretty savage. And then we sat around drinking coffee and talking and making plans. We left, stopped by Daunt Square to have a look at the Mayday celebrations, and home to bed.

Day one of the weekend, done!


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3 responses to “Bank holiday weekend: Saturday

  1. Love your bag. You ladies look so pretty! Now, whats this new vintage store you speak of?

  2. Thank you 🙂

    Back of Savoy; straight ahead of you if you came out through Champion Sports. It’s called ‘Mercury Goes Retrograde’. Really nice!

    Have a few photos of the jacket to put up once I’ve them uploaded..

  3. Ooh! Must have a peek this weekend 🙂

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