Bank holiday weekend: Sunday

I like Sundays. I like waking up a little hungover, and thinking about what happened over the weekend. I like going to Kinsale with my parents and the puppy. I like drinking coffee, and reading the Sunday Times, and going for a walk on the beach.

Big puppy!

Our little Ozzie is getting so big so fast! Here he is having fun covering my cashmere Topshop vest and vintage jacket in sand. But I love him so I don’t mind..

This is the jacket I was talking about in the last post. It’s from Mercury Goes Retrograde on Drawbridge Street in Cork. Search for them on Facebook” The jacket is made by an American clothing company called Pendleton. They still make clothes today, and when I found there website, I saw that today Pendleton jackets sell for between $200 and $250. So I’m very happy with my vintage purchase! It has a lovely purple lining too and I’d wear it forever if I could. Maybe I can…


After I got back from Kinsale I went down to the tennis club with my brother, Liam and Peter, but there was a tournament on so we all went home. Fun times.

Later on though, I went over to Aisling’s house because her parents were off in Dublin. So under the guise of a study session, I spent the day there drinking tea, and eating carrot cake and cheesecake. It was nice. And Aisling took some photos of me so ye could see what I was wearing. And I rather like her front door too..

Gazing into the distance..

Navy vest (barely seen) : Topshop

Other vest : Topshop

Jacket :  Mercury Goes Retrograde ❤

Jeans : Pepe Jeans

Shoes : Converse

And here’s another one, just because..

Totally natural..

I’ll do Sunday tomorrow, if I’ve time.



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6 responses to “Bank holiday weekend: Sunday

  1. Your puppy is super cute… wanna swap it for… something?

  2. Aw thank you!

    If I think of something I want in return, I’ll let you know! 😛

  3. wika57

    I need your puppy
    oh and considering this is a fashion blog tell me what make is your puppies collar ???

  4. You have your own grown-up puppy.. Be happy with him 😛 (If you don’t kill him or whatever..)

    Um, I didn’t know this was a fashion blog?? I’d put it into the ‘personal’ genre. And I don’t know. Ask my dad.

  5. Yeah no bother like.

    I’ll write it on a card and that’ll be your birthday present.

    Also, I’m odd that Jasper’s going for a night away on Saturday, but I guess it’s for his own safety…

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