Bank holiday weekend: Monday

So on Sunday night we sort of decided to head to Killarney on the train the following morning. Enticed by very cheap train fares, and a longing not to end up in town again, we met at Centra at 10am and got the half 10 train from Kent. There’s something about trains that I just love. They’re my favourite method of transport actually. I love train stations, and how there’s different stops, and the nice blue-y windows, and the four seats together around a table, and your name overhead. Also, that Irish Rail marketing campaign with Craig Doyle a few years ago has stuck in my memory. Now, whenever I get on a train, I have an urge to listen to Rocky Took A Lover.

Me, not listening to Bell X1

We changed at Mallow, and finally got to Killarney station. Because it was right next door, we had a quick look in the Outlet Centre. I remember loving that place as a child. The thought of a load of new stuff from the Nike store was quite delightful, but now I find the thought of the place fairly revolting. How things change..

So we had a quick wander around to find somewhere to have lunch. Being the cheapskates we are, we decided on The Street Cafe. Sandwiches for €4.50. How bad.

Toasted Club Sanwich (I know the focus is all wrong, but I was hungry)

After lunch we had a nice wander around, just ‘getting our bearings’ I suppose. Although we didn’t call it that. I really wanted to feel like a tourist, so the next destination was the tourist office. I’ll admit I was impressed. It’s all clean and modern with these interactive screens and carpets with swirly designs. Apart from the fact that there were no maps of the town out on a stand, it was a pretty class tourist office. So we got details of a walk to Ross Castle and decided we’d try that. We called into Tesco first to get some munch, and set about reading the map.

First call landed us at the cathedral, which looks a bit like this. Very like this actually, because this is it.

Looking up..

And we took some self-timer photos outside of us all standing in a line looking like the Brady bunch.

Then we walked 2.4km through Killarney National Park to Ross Castle. It was actually a really lovely walk, and we saw deer!

Deer! 😮

We got to Ross Castle, discovered there was an entry free, walked around the free parts, and then sat out on the lake front, the castle behind us and ate food and drank Finches orange. The view being this:

Lake of Killarney..

There were more group photos, one taken by a random man, another put up on a wall again. We then set off on the 2.4km walk back, taking some outfit post photos en route:

I like the trees and branches.

Jacket : Vintage – Mercury Goes Retrograde

Top : Mango in Cannes

Skirt & Bag : Penneys best!

Shoes : Converse

I really like branches and trees and old stuff and rusty things and gates and messy complicated stuff. So this caught my fancy. It was a bit of a rush because we were all a bit wrecked and wanted to go for coffee. But I liked the gate.

Abandoned rust..

So then we went to this super cute place called Miss Courtney’s Tearooms. They had so many different types of tea, but because I’m so cool an’all I got an apple and raspberry juice. It too was savage. But I got to taste all the different types of tea that the others got, so best of both worlds.

The ceiling light.. so cute!

Tea and more tea..

Tea pots, cups and golden jugs 🙂

My photos really don’t do the place justice though.

Oh and then we rushed to the train. It was pretty full, but the journey back was lovely. I had hushed conversations with Aisling, ate Tesco flapjacks, and tried to avoid the small talk the lady opposite me was trying to engage me in. I know I’m mean, but there’s only so much you can say about your day in Killarney.

Killarney platform..

Then it was home to French homework. Oh the joys..

</weekend> (At last!)


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5 responses to “Bank holiday weekend: Monday

  1. Looks like you had a really fun weekend, missus. Loving all your photees 🙂 That tea rooms place looks amaaazing. I might go there next week 🙂

  2. Yep ’twas a good weekend! Thank you 🙂

    It’s so pretty! Couldn’t get a proper picture because there were too many people sitting around.. All the teas were so good, and they had amazing looking cupcakes and stuff too. Or you could get a spot of afternoon tea… 😀

  3. wika57

    You got to see deer and i wasnt there O_O ;_;
    noooooOOOOoooo i wanted to see deer there and i wantted to write the deer a letter that went dear deer i am writting you this letter and then link him to this song

  4. Ok then.

    Well you should have come. Then you could have linked them to that vid and they’d have ran back into the forest to their laptops and iPhones and looked it up.

    We can just go during the summer again I guess..

  5. What a great little idea to hang the teacups from the chandelier! Great way to spice up a boring light fixture!


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