I don’t think I’ve mentioned summer much here so far. It’s weird to think that I started this blog on the first day of 5th year, and now it’s almost all over. It seems so long ago that I wrote that first post, but the year seemed so short too.

Now though, summer is here, and it’s time to go off the rails and party all night and be the completely carefree teenager like the ones you see in American TV shows. But y’know what? I’m not going to do that. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but it’ll be what I want to do.

Kinsale this evening..

Summer is always built up to be the HUGE event and non-stop party but I think people get a tad carried away. Calm down, and things will fall into place naturally. It worked for me last year, and I had the best summer ever.

I have a few plans for the three months off alright, but I’m not going to into them now or you’ll have no reason whatsoever to read Wintertime Clothes over the summer and that wouldn’t be very good at all would it? Speaking of blogs, I’ve been asked to write a blog during the summer for an organisation I suppose you could call it, so watch this space for more details of that!

Today’s the first day that I’ve been properly excited about the summer, and it feels good! I’m looking forward to taking a break, sitting outside cafés drinking coffee, and spending time with certain people. There’s a few other bits and pieces in the pipeline too, such as Kinsale Arts Week. The first volunteer meeting was this evening, and it was so nice to see everyone again and see the new box office and have a catch up. And I got to tell everyone about last year and how it’s such good craic and I’ve been smiling since.

We’ll see how it all goes anyway. SUMMA 2k10 FTW. (That’s sarcasm btw..)

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