So now that I feel I’m back into my blogging routine (yes, I know it’s been less than a day but bear with me here), I decided to devote a post to it. Seems like I should.

I think the first time I started blogging was when a friend and I did a joint blog for about a week. That failed, but then I went on to set up my own Blogger blog where I wrote about my emotions. A friend was very fond of those posts and still complains to this day about the lack of heart-wrenching posts on Wintertime Clothes. To be honest, I had run out of emotions to blog about, and it wasn’t exactly something I wanted the wider public to be reading either. It makes me laugh to go back and read the posts though and see how things changed..

True, eh?!

Then September of this year I set up Wintertime Clothes on Blogger first. I wanted a clean blogging slate, and to write about a wider variety of topics. It was just for myself at the start really, but then I happened upon Irish Student Blogs, submitted my blog there, and people began reading it. I’m not really sure what made me want to blog. I think it’s like a bit of a time capsule, but one that’s very easy to access whenever I want. Alot Nearly all of my posts are about my life and what I did and i think it’s good to document all of it. Chances are I’ll look back on it all in a few years and be ridiculously embarrassed by all I said and posted here, but hindsight’s a great thing.

The name's William, not Niamh.

There is the whole privacy issue with blogging too. This was covered by Liz before, and I have my own concerns too. I don’t think someone’s going to want to track me down and murder me as a result of my blogging, but I have to be sure that I want to put all this information out there. I don’t post updates on Facebook when I write a blog, but I do on Twitter. I use Twitter to actively promote the blog, but on Facebook I only have a teensy little link to it in my Info section. I want my Twitter followers to read my blog, but couldn’t be bothered alerting Facebook to it. Still though, anyone can see this. Google my name in English or Irish and you’ll get here. For that reason, there’s some stuff I have to refrain from saying. Take a few seconds to search for me on Google and you’ll uncover a wealth of information about me and my life.

I don’t really want to get into the negatives of blogging and Internet use here though. That’s for another day. In the meantime, I’ll be blogging away, hopefully very regularly. There might be a bit of a surprise in store during the summer too. I’ll be taking a small holiday and moving my words elsewhere, but I might get someone to do a few guest posts here.. We’ll see..

As we’re on the topic of blogs, I’d like to mention that a good friend of mine has re-launched her blog here and you should go check it out. You’ll like it, I promise!



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3 responses to “Blogging

  1. Good post 🙂 There’s definitely for and againsts particularly with regard to privacy but I think as long as you’re not giving away anything about yourself that you would prefer not to or that would potentially be unsafe and you’re not giving away personal information about friends or family that may upset them then its ok. Thanks for the link, too 🙂 You’re a sweetheart!

  2. Yeah, once you have a bit of cop-on there’s nothing to worry about..

    No bother! 😀

  3. irishgirl4

    Thank you for the link 🙂 I enjoyed the post and have a feeling that I’ll be getting back to blogging soon (in a couple of hours) and this got me in the writing mood!

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